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Where Can I Find a Heart Bumper Sticker For a Car?


Bumper stickers are one of the craziest trends that people have seen, especially the heart bumper stickers that have been long as the car; obviously not that quite long as the vehicle. Over the years, the heart bumper stickers on cars evolved as marketing tools, they were used for political promotion or rather for electioneering to be exact. And then they were used on vehicles as a form of humor even, and sometimes for religious affiliation. Collecting these bumper stickers takes you into a whole new world of big business where these items are getting the value of thousands of dollars. The question is what makes the heart bumper sticker for cars so special and collectible? Actually, the art design of bumper sticker has got to do a lot with the attraction of its collectors, and that too an increasing attraction and enthusiasm. A good example can be seen in the iconic "I Love NY" which is seen as I, then "Love" is drawn as a red heart, and then NYC is written. However, your car has to be personalized according your individual style.


Bumper stickers are absolutely a smart way to get your automobile customized. Most of the people think that by putting bumper stickers on their cars, damage of the car paint job may happen on their vehicle. Well, honestly, this is not the case every time. As the technology has advanced, changes have come in the stickers field too, especially when it comes to production of these heart bumper stickers on cars. The stickers now often get released very neatly, leaving no marks.


Bumper stickers can be also placed on the window of your vehicle. If we talk about custom bumper stickers, these are the ones that are designed by the customers. There are several ways in which the design is made by the customer. is a great place to find a variety of heart bumper stickers for your car with the complete details of shipping weight, product description and other stuff. Moreover, offers a great variety of these stickers with different sizes and colors of texts of your choice. Zazzle offers over 24000 designs of bumper stickers with the prices ranging from $5 to above $100. You can easily design your custom bumper sticker. Then we have offering bumper stickers. They are available in various prices, but its prices are a bit high. They have sizes like 3.5" x 8.5", 3.25" x 11", 4" x 6" oval. When it comes to customized stickers, you can also design your own and get it printed by a shop offering this. However, this can also be a bit expensive.

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Personalizing any item is a popular option to express oneself. Although we live in different societies having different customs, values, limitation and traditions, still it's really important to let yourself know all the time that we all are special and on the other hand, unique. Putting heart bumper sticker on your car is somewhat very important to feel way. By using the custom heart bumper stickers on cars, by the personalization of certain items, we can let the world know about our unique feelings. Celebrate your very own unique identity!

By Amara, published at 03/20/2012
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