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How To Book Car Rentals


The Car You Want For Yourself

Find exactly what you want with the car search first. Start with picking up the location, time, and date. Then, further refine your search with specific requirements such as a certain car company or the type of vehicle. And, if you want to have a discount, some promotion or member code, do not forget to provide it so you can also access any special deals.

Step 1

The Options

Based on your defined search, you will see all the available types of cars from several different car companies so you will have all the choices in one spot to make your choice. Plus, you will see that you can also earn Rapid Rewards points from several different Rapid Rewards Partners. Search through the list to find the rates, car types, and rental companies you want to choose.

Step 2

Special Equipment

Depending on the rental car company you have chosen, you may have the option to request any special equipment with your vehicle you have chosen, such as a child safety seat or any navigation system. If so, then it is up to the car company to validate these requests upon rental car pickup.

Step 3

Making Your Reservation

To make your reservation or book car, just provide all your applicable information including the name, Rapid Rewards account number, credit card information, and methods to contact you. This is just a reservation, so the credit card will not be charged until you have returned the rental car to the car company.

Step 4

One Way Book car:

Often many people want to book car only one way when they are normally taking a cruise or they want to fly into a city and book car a rental car over there. Then people want to drop it off at the pier where they can catch their cruise and when they come back, they do the exact reverse of it.

Step 5

One way book car can also be difficult to find everywhere on the globe. Searching from multiple companies is the best bet for the people as some car rental companies simply do not offer one way auto rentals at all, while some companies offer them sometimes and some companies offer one way book car most of the time, but with one constraint that is only for certain areas.


Book car rentals one way may become necessary if you are taking a road trip and have other plans for the return journey like you may be going to visit a relative in some other cities and they are going to drive you back home and be with you for a while. People may be flying into a city to buy a vehicle that they want to drive back home.


Sometimes you just want to book car at a location near your home and drop it off at the airport while they fly to their desired destination. This saves them the hassle and cost of parking of the vehicle at the airport or trying to get someone to drive you to the airport. You want to do the reverse when you are flying back home and book car from airport to home. This saves the cost of paying for the rental cars each day plus the cost of parking the vehicle for the days when people will be on their cruise.

By Brenden Thomas Sammon, published at 03/26/2012
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