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About Il Car Insurance Laws


Car accidents are very common encounters in every country. When these occur, there is huge loss encountered by car owners. This loss is in terms of body injuries and damage to vehicle and property. For this case, il car insurance laws are enforced. The state of Illinois provides enacts some car insurance laws that every driver must adhere to in order to be on the safe side.



Since the development of vehicles, car insurance has as well been in existence. This is meant to mainly cover people’s medical bills and pay for property damage. Without vehicle insurance laws, then people would be experiencing great length of loss. Il car insurance laws are set for this purpose and all with requirements and penalties imposed.


In every state of the US, there are the set minimum liability coverage levels. This is the same with il car insurance. In Illinois, the minimum liability coverage are regulated at $20,000 for either death or bodily injury of a person in an accident, $40,000 to cover death or injury for more than one person in an accident and $15,000 for overall property damage. The laws on il car insurance thus requires that all drivers carry at least these minimum coverages.

Diverging from other state’s requirements, il car insurance laws does not require drivers to present proof of insurance when registering a vehicle. This is simply met through a person’s signature. Still with il car insurance laws, the whole State experiences random screening for insurance. This means that a driver must carry their insurance all the time. Failure to provide auto insurance during screening, the driver risks suspension of license plates.

The penalties also apply when a driver is caught driving with no il car insurance. For this case, one receives a citation. This requires one to prove having the minimum liability coverage levels. Failure to this, the driver must pay fees of minimum $500 plus an obligatory $100 for registration reinstatement.

For any vehicle being driven in Illinois, then the driver must carry the minimum liability insurance levels. This case applies to the rental cars. Rental cars are also covered in the il car insurance as well as the credit card. If these two don’t cover car rental, then a person must purchase rental car insurance from car rental companies.

For the uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, il car insurance laws does not require people to purchase. Purchasing this coverage is not mandatory in Illinois as with some states. This kind of coverage is though recommended by vehicle insurance companies in Illinois. When a driver purchases the uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, then they stand in a better position in case an accident occurs.

Like many other states, the laws on il car insurance follow the Tort system. The tort system implies that a driver or person must be the cause of any accident. This driver is termed as at fault. The person is responsible in catering for all accident damage realized. Illinois car insurance laws also permit vehicle insurance companies to provide policies that bar household members. These are listed in the exclusion divisions. This also entails all possible conditions that could make the insurance company free from paying claims. For this case, every car owner is advised to check their il car insurance before signing.


By SAMUEL MUHIA, published at 03/20/2012
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