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How To Install Navigation Car Devices


Car navigation devices are useful gadgets to have in your car compared to looking at maps or printing directions off the internet. Also known as global positioning system (GPS) devices, they are convenient gadgets guiding you to places where you want to go. Even if you have never driven to a particular place, you will get there with the help of these gadgets. Car navigation devices track your location in real time and guide you to your destination. You can even just listen to them while driving, leaving your hands and eyes free to concentrate on the traffic and the road.

Step 1

There are 3 different types of car navigation systems: factory made, dealer-installed, or portable devices. Each kind has its benefits. Factory made devices are usually more expensive and unless you’re buying a new car, it doesn’t make sense to buy car navigation devices of this sort. Dealer installed car navigation devices are cheaper than factory made ones, but you might have issues with your car’s interior such as tearing carpets to fit the device, electric wirings that could go haywire or incompatibility with the stereo. In addition to bigger screens and accuracy, another advantage of opting for a factory made or dealer installed car navigation devices is that you don’t have to install them. Both car navigation devices are, however, not portable making them difficult to use on other vehicles where you need satellite systems. In contrast, portable car navigation devices might not be as accurate as factory made machines, but they are relatively inexpensive and are easily installed.

Step 2

Most portable car navigation systems are ready to install. However, it is advisable to read the operating manuals before attempting to start the devices. Depending on the types of portable car navigation devices that you buy, you might have to register online for an account with the manufacturer to activate your device and warranty. Registration is easy and all you have to do is submit your personal details and key in the serial number of navigation devices.

Step 3

Once your account is validated, you are now ready to install the maps on your car navigation devices. Log-in to your account and look at the dashboard menu. Choose your GPS device identified by the brand, model and serial number. The computer will ask that you connect car navigation devices using a USB cable on the computer. It will then search for the device and once it is found, you can choose the maps you want to load. If you are in the US, you will take maps that are for the US. European users will use EU maps and so on. Loading these maps can take several hours especially if your internet connections are slow.

Step 4

After the maps are loaded, simply unplug the car navigation devices following on-screen instructions. These are usually plug and play devices, but if you want to be on the safe side, use the 'remove hardware safely' button. Now, you are ready to use the car navigation devices.

Step 5

Take the suction cup and attach the device holder on the interior windscreen. Choose a place where you can see the device without obstructing your view while driving. Once the holder is mounted, connect the device with the cable provided. Depending on the brand, it usually looks like a scart plug. Plug this part on the GPS and the other end should be connected to the lighter in the car.

Once you start the engine of the vehicle, car navigation devices are also automatically switched on and switched off when the engine stops running. Simply key in your destination and hit the go button. Program it as you wish whether you want voice directions or just the maps.


Never manipulate car navigation devices while driving as this is a dangerous move that could lead to accidents. If you must, stop at an emergency shoulder to reconfigure your devices. Don’t forget that map updates are necessary and should be done at least every three months for accuracy in directions.

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