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Hire Car Murcia At The Lowest Price


Murcia is a beautiful coastal city that is relatively less swarmed with tourists than other Spanish tourist cities. If you travel to Murcia, you will come across a limited number of choices in regard to transportation facilities. With a few bus services that are provided by the local company called “Lat Bus” and no trains or subway, requiring the services of a Murcia car hire will be the best feasible option. Murcia car hire agencies will be helpful to you as Murcia is about 45km from the airport and you will be able to choose the spots and places you want to visit like the Southern Costa Calida. Murcia is an ideal tourist destination and with its beaches and hotels it is the best get away you can wish for.


Murcia has many international and national car hire services operating. You can get yourself a car service that is not only of great quality but is also easy on your pocket. You can easily match their costs and facilities on the internet. Many of these Murcia car hire services happen to be aware that tourists would mostly be contacting them through online sources so they have all the required information on their websites. You can take a look at them easily on the internet before you choose and book your car. You must know that the San Javier airport of Murcia has many of these car hire services within its premises. Even if you haven’t booked your car already, you can easily come and book it here. But you must follow some standard or benchmark these services against the following criteria:

  1. Check what the charges are for hiring cars with and without the drivers.
  2. If there are any age restrictions. Many European cities restrict driving at the ages of 21-25.
  3. If you have a small child with you, make sure your car hire service provider gives you a booster seat.
  4. Try to use the car service that is recommended by your travel agency.


Murcia is a beautiful city that has many places to visit. When you are deciding on or finding a low cost Murcia car hire service, you must look around on the internet and also try asking from different counters at the airport. One of the most used and economical one is the Europcar that is very much preferred by the Europeans. The reason for this is the incredibly easy user interface of their websites and their prices. Another car hire service that you can utilize is the It can be used by simply filling in the form that is on their websites. Compared to many other car hire services it is affordable and cooperative with you. Last but not the least is the Centuaro car service. This is readily available on the Murcia San Javier airport and provides 7 day service to its customers.

Tips and comments

Basically all car hire agencies offer great services that are inclusive of all the added value tidbits offered by all. The important thing to keep in mind is that the cheapest among them is not necessarily the worst. Many car hire services offer packages that are affordable and used by many tourists all year round.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/23/2012
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Hire Car Murcia At The Lowest Price. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.