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How To Install Alarms Car


Security is a major concern in many parts of the world. More and more jobless people are turning to crime as way of earning a livelihood. Inter-regional trade has made it easy for people to steal cars and sneak them into other countries and never to be seen again. Sophisticated groups of criminals are running complex car theft rings which even law enforcement agencies are unable to keep up with. Hence installing a device that alarms car owner in case his or her car is stolen or even touched has become inevitable. Many people are willing to install a device that alarms car owners incase their cars are tampered with but lack the technical knowledge to do so. You could get it installed by a qualified mechanic but here is a way to do it yourself.

Step 1

To begin installing a device that alarms car owners in case of theft, purchase the device at your car accessories store. Get it ready for installation and make sure you have all the necessary tools like screw drivers, wire cutters and screws.

Step 2

Obtain wiring layout diagrams of your car. This will help you determine where to install the device that alarms car owners in case if theft. They will also help you find the best source of power for your device. The manual that came with the device will also be of great help.

Step 3

The device that alarms car owners has a manual that describes how to remove any panels or covers that are supposed to be removed for the installation to continue.

Step 4

The device that alarms car owner comes with a siren which should be mounted under the hood and fastened to the body to prevent it from falling off or damage once the car starts moving.

Step 5

The positive terminal should be connected through the fire wall and the negative terminal should be connected to the body of the cars.


The device that alarms car owners should be mounted somewhere in the car where it would be very hard or almost impossible for anyone to find. If it can be seen, it can be easily disabled with very little effort.

Now install the valet switch, LED lights and antenna as shown in the manual. By now all your wiring should be done and correctly connected to the unit. Any relays should be connected and all wires should be tested to find out if their polarities are correctly installed.

A device that alarms car owners will have a shock detector. It will detect any thing that hits the car and activate the siren instantly. It will mostly be installed on the centre console.

Complete door locking wiring to enable the car open and close at the touch of the alarm button. The manual should adequately cover this. Complete starter wiring; this enables the alarm to disable the vehicle in case anyone tries to start it when the alarm is armed.

Sources and Citations

Tie all wires together with tape and return any covers and panels you had removed. After installation of the device that car alarms owners must test the alarm and in case of any problems, try to troubleshoot using your manual.

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