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No car is perfect no matter how good it looks if it has no speaker car installation, everyone prefers a type of music and the best time to listen music is when you are in your car, some of us like to listen music very loud,other people like to listen music with a low volume and for this you need the proper speaker car installation,you also need a high quality sound.

Things you should know

The loudspeaker is converting the audio signal in its electrical form to a pressure wave that is perceived as sound. At the beginning the sound is a low level signal in the head unit and it is transmitted to the amplifier then the amplifier increases the level of the signal and passes it to the speakers which converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy and that’s when we hear the sound.

The purpose of the speaker is to work properly without changing the original sound to the audio signal. Usually one loudspeaker per side would be enough to reproduce the audio spectrum. The disadvantage is that a speaker that can produce low frequencies is too heavy to be able to produce the higher frequencies. Because of that there are different types of speakers, we have coaxial and component speakers. Subwoofers can also be used in order to produce extreme lows of music with impact that can be also felt and not only heard. Speakers are various and they have a long range in quality and price, but they also have a great impact on the overall sound of a car stereo system.

When you are shopping for speaker car installation it is recommended to listen to them before you buy them so that you can be sure that it’s just what you want. A poor loudspeaker can be tiresome to listen to. You also need to be careful so that the speaker car installation fits well so that it won’t interfere with the windows rolling down.

Other information

Speaker car installation has a power handling specification, usually two specifications, continuous power handling and peak. It’s recommended that you should pay attention more on the continuous power handling and not on peak so if you have a 150 watts RMS speaker that means that your speaker puts out 150 watts so it will handle 150 watts without being damaged. This means you should use and amplifier that is greater than 150 watts to power the speaker. But you don’t necessarily need a 150 watts speaker you can choose it by budget and preference.

Installing the speakers

If you have no idea of installing the speaker car then it is recommended to take the car to an auto service to get it installed, installing it by yourself may damage the car or the speakers, but it is not a hard task, all you have to do is to plug the wires on the car’s player and there are specific holes in which you need to place the wires so that the wire won’t be in the way, after plugging the wires on the car’s player you need to place the speakers on the car’s doors, be sure the speakers fit and if they don’t you need to change them, forcing them may damage the car or the speaker.

By Bob Meadow, published at 03/29/2012
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