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How To Find Portugal Car Rentals


Renting a car is overwhelming for us because of the variety of choices, the prices. The prices are higher in the last years, so it may take a while until you get a good deal. There are many Portugal car rentals.


Step 1

 Search on the internet

If you want to find cars in Portugal just search Portugal car renting with your search engine, it is recommended to look for renting in the city you want to go, but also check the prices, the cars you would like to rent and what you need to rent the car. Car renting is popular in Portugal so it won’t be that hard for you to find what you want.

Step 2

 Make some calls

After you’ve searched for Portugal car rentals and you’ve found what you was looking like you should make some phone calls to see if there won’t be delays or other problems and to be sure that the cars you may want to rent are available. You may want to rent a car in rush hour days and that’s when the cars may be taken. That usually happens in vacations, especially in summer. You should also ask the Portugal car rentalsabout their renting policy to avoid getting in a trap, and just to make sure you know all about them.

Step 3

Go and pick the car

After finding the Portugal car rentals you want and after you’ve phone called them you should go and pick the car. Before getting the car you must sign the paper contract for the car, before you do that it is recommended to check the car you want to rent, look inside it for any damage that may not be specified in the car’s condition file because you are responsible for the car’s any sort of damage after you rent it and you may have to pay extra money for that, look on the car’s seats, windows, test the audio system if the car has any, then look for the engine, and after that you should check the painting for any scratches and the wheels to see if they lose air.

If you don’t find any problems, the car should be ok just be sure that the car looks just like in the car’s condition file you have to sign.

Step 4

About the contract

As I said, before renting the Portugal caryou must pay attention on the contract, read it carefully and be sure you agree the terms of use, almost all the contracts expects the owners to bring the car back just like they took it, that’s why I said you should check the car, not only a Portugal car rental company demands money for any damage you have done to the car, but all car rental companies, that’s why you should pay attention to what you do with the car. It is something normal to pay for damaging something that you do not own. Another thing is to pay attention to the rent payment, some prices are flexible and some are stable, the advantage of the flexible prices is that you can catch low prices, but also you can get a high price, but with the stable rent price everything is the same.

Step 5

 Taking care of the car

Before you take the car back to the Portugal Car renting company you should be careful not to scratch the car or not to spill any liquids on its interior, almost everything matters when it’s about a rented car.


Following these five simple steps is the easiest way to find Portugal rental cars.

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By Bob Meadow, published at 03/29/2012
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