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There are many ways to buy a car but sometimes seems impossible to buy a new car, however your credit rating doesn’t have to keep you away from buying the car that you like and want. If you have no money to buy a car you can get it with no car credit. There are some dealers who can sell you a car without having any credit. You will start paying after a few months after getting the car.

What to do

If you are willing to get a car with no car credit you should check the local publications for sellers who are eager to get rid of their cars because they simply aren’t pleased by it. There are many ads you can check in an auto trader magazine or in the local newspapers. You may be looking for someone who is ready to get rid of his car very fast. A good thing is to consult the National Automobile Dealers Association book concerning your possible vehicle. If you find a person with a payoff on a vehicle than the retail value listed in the book then you may have located a seller.

Getting started

You should contact the owners of the vehicle; you need all the details you can get, see if they are willing to sell the car if you have no credit car. Finding the positive and negative sides of the vehicle is also important to you. The seller may just want to sell the care cause of the financial pressure.

After contacting the owner meeting him face to face is the next step. Being professional is an important thing and in this case you should treat the problem like a job interview. You want to be upfront with the owner about past credit problems and this can give you an advantage.

Make a deal with the owner in which you commit to take over the payments. If they get hesitant then you should empathize with their fears and ask when the payment is due in this way they could become more flexible as the due date approaches and you can offer to pay for them or make two payments in advance.


A dealer would want a down payment because it adds profit right away and the other reason it is needed to lower the total amount financed for approval by the lender. While trying to get a no credit car you are under pressure because you depend on the car dealer.

A car dealer tries to get profit from you as much as he can. They will submit your credit application to lenders and the lender will respond with an offer. For example if the lenders approve you for a rate of 5% the dealer will try to make you pay maybe 8% or 10% and every difference brings him nothing else but profit, and the one who pays for it is you. The payment grows because the dealership marked up the interest rate.

You can still buy a car with no car credit and also with lower interest rate. One important move is to avoid the dealer finance department. If you know where to look and you are patient to find a good deal you can get a car with no car credit.

By Bob Meadow, published at 03/29/2012
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