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Car rental car companies are agencies that allow you to drive their car for a short period of time, usually a few hours to a few weeks in exchange of a fee. It is a developed form of rental shop that is being organized in local branches that allow users to return the vehicle to different locations. Most car rental car companies have their stations located near airports or near train stations and busy city areas. All car rental car companies own their own website which allows customers to rent their car online.

Car renting

Car rental car companies also provide customers with support such as global positioning navigation systems, entertainment systems, and all cars have an audio system, and some of them can also provide mobile phones.

Car renting is not something new. The first car rental company is almost 100 years old and was born in America.

Most companies provide a various range of vehicles to suit the needs and the budget of their clients. There are some that rents old vehicles for low prices; an example is Rent-a-Wreck. You can rent cars such as SUVs, passenger vans, convertibles, hybrid cars, electric vehicles, etc.


Companies have some rules that you must meet to be able to rent a car. These conditions vary from a country to another but the main rule is to return the vehicle in good condition, and sometimes there is a limit on the distance you can travel with otherwise you will have to pay extra money. Another condition that you have to meet is a minimum age that the driver must have; the age may vary from 21 to 25 even if the country’s minimum legal age to hold a driver’s license is lower.

You are also required to have a maximum speed in certain regions. What you require to rent a car is a credit card to charge additional money if there is missing fuel in the car or the car has some damage.


The car rental car companies are responsible for the passenger’s safety and are required to provide the minimum safety measurements. Some countries make exceptions, and in those countries the driver is fully responsible for everything. Most of them provide liability coverage which is demanded by the country’s law but some companies also demands payments for this. Offering various forms of supplemental insurance is a typical thing when it comes to car renting.

Sometimes the Collision Damage Waiver covers the costs of damage to rented vehicles if an accident occurred.

There is another type of Insurance called excess insurance and it is a secondary insurance in place only with CDW and SLI cover. This type of Insurance can be found mostly in Europe and most of the car companies sell this cover as a top-up insurance in case of damage or theft insurance. The insurance includes the tires, the windscreen, the bodywork, or undercarriage leaving the hirer of the vehicle liable to pay out if damaged. There is also another insurance that can reduce risks and costs.

Car rental companies can be found all over the globe and provide a good use for those who want to travel by car.

By Bob Meadow, published at 03/29/2012
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