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Little Tikes Twin Car Bed Assembly Instructions


Most kids usually dream of driving their own cars, it is the reason most of them play games with cars, or own toy cars. However, there is a company that has gone one step further by creating a bed that resembles a car, so that kids who sleep on the bed may dream of the cars that they will be driving one day. However, because these beds can be a bit bulky, and hard to fit through doorways, a person usually assembles it inside a child’s room. So, if you are looking for pointers on how to assemble Little Tikes Twin Car Bed, then observe these instructions.

1. Check the Parts

Little Tikes Twin Car Bed has many parts, therefore, when the bed is delivered; it is important that you sit down with a checklist and look and confirm that all the parts are there. This is important because in case one part is missing, then the bed will not be assembled. If a single part is missing, then you need top call the suppliers so that they can deliver the missing parts, or provide you with a new set of parts. At this point, someone should also prepare themselves with the right assembly tool. However, a simple screwdriver is usually enough since the parts will only need to be screwed together.

2. Put the Bed Together

After all parts have been assembled, a person is supposed to start assembling the Little Tikes Twin Car Bed. The delivery box usually has drawings of how the parts can be placed together. So, it is important that somebody follow the instruction therein carefully. The first part is usually putting the wheels to the two sides of the bed. There are usually grooves where the wheels fit, and a person is supposed to screw the wheels in tightly. Placing the rough framework on the wall can give somebody support so that other parts of the bed can be installed. When all the pieces have been put in the right locations, they should be screwed on tightly. This is important because if the screws used are not tight enough, the young child may remove them.

3. Place the Mattress

When the Little Tikes Twin Car Bed is fully assembled, a person is supposed to look for a suitable mattress to use. The reason for this is that a small mattress may not be too comfortable for a child, while a big mattress may be a waste of space. Therefore, it is important that a person choose a mattress that will fit in with the bed. Measuring the dimensions can ensure that the right mattress is gotten.

Nonetheless, after the Little Tikes Twin Car Bed has been assembled, it is important that a person takes care to ensure that they use racing car themed sheets and blankets so that the bed may look great. However, if a person finds that they cannot be able to assemble the bed, then it is advised that help is sought so that the bed can be assembled in the right manner and not be a hazard.

By Ignat Victor, published at 03/28/2012
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Little Tikes Twin Car Bed Assembly Instructions. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.