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Great Advice For Dealership Used Car

Published at 03/26/2012 23:33:38

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Globally, the used car market is growing at a very rapid rate. Used cars are in great demand and this is the reason why used car dealership has also grown. Car manufacturing companies have taken note of this global trend and they have started selling certified used cars.

To increase sales of used cars, used car dealership should only sell certified used cars. To sell certified used cars, a used car dealership should become an authorized dealer of various car manufacturing companies. A used car dealership should hire talented and experienced sales and technical staff for better before and after sales service.

Globally, the two best-selling used cars through used car dealership are the used 2006 Honda S2000 Convertible and the used 2010 Honda Element SC model. To increase sales, used car dealership should keep and sell the best selling used cars. Lets us check-out both these used models.

Step 1

The used 2006 Honda S2000 Convertible has I-4 engine which is 2.2-liter in size. This used S2000 has quasi-dual stainless steel exhaust. The exhaust has chrome tail-pipe finish and the axle ratio of this 2006 Honda is 4.10. The front leg area in this car is 44.3 inch and the fuel tank size of this used Convertible is 13.2 gallons. The passenger volume in this 2006 Honda is 45 cubic ft. and the front head area in this Convertible is 34.6 inch. The wheel-base of this used S2000 Convertible is 95 inch and the inside cargo volume in this used Convertible is 5 cu. ft. This 2006 car has height of 50 inch and the width of this used car is 68.9 inch. This used car has rear tread of fifty-nine inch and it has 105 ampere alternator. The turning radius of this used S2000 Convertible is 17.7 inch and it has monotone paint. The front hip area in this used Convertible is 49.8 inch and the kerb weight of this used car is 2855 lbs. This used S2000 produces 237 horsepower and it has front tread of 58 inch. So don’t wait, get this used car and start selling it through your authorized used car dealership.

The used 2010 Honda Element SC model has I-4 engine with 2.4-liter capacity. This used Element has galvanized steel body and the axle ratio of this used Element SC is 4.50. This used Element has fuel economy of 25 mpg on the highway and it has three power out-lets of 12V DC. The displacement of engine in this used 2010 Element is 144 cubic in. and this used 2012 Honda SC is a front-wheel drive. The maximum power generated by this used Element is 166 horsepower and it has fuel economy of 20 mpg in the city. This used 2010 Element have bumpers which are of body color and the total weight of this used Element is 4450 lbs. The curb weight of this used Honda is 3597 lbs and it has five-speed automatic gear-box. This used Element has 9.70 to 1 compression ratio and its fuel tank is of 15.9 gallons. To increase sales, get this used Honda for your authorized used car dealership.

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