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How To Install Lift Car Kits


Many people do not know the best way to install the Lift Car kit and end up using the wrong products. When it comes to car care and enhancement, it is advisable to get the professional assistance since the cars are dangerous and when not well installed will cause many accidents on the roads. Some people prefer to lift cars because they want them not to touch the ground and prevent further damage on the engine. This is mainly applicable to the people who have lower cars and continuously use the rough roads that have rocks and hard surfaces that damage the performance of the engine.

Step 1

It is important to know the lift car products to use since one is applicable for the wheels and the other one for protecting the base of the engine. Protecting the base of the engine does not lift life the car but one is assured that the rocks and rough surfaces will not interfere with the performance of the vehicle.

Step 2

The other way to adopt the lift car process is changing the wheel surface area and this enables it to be higher and percent it from touching the ground. This ensures that the car is safe and will not get in contact with the rough surfaces.

Step 3

However, the lift car process is not ideal especially for the higher cars. This makes it to be unstable and quite risky when taking corners or speeding. Some of the cars are very fragile and installing the lift car technique leads to further instability and one need to be quite careful when they are driving. Stopping suddenly or trying to evade hitting an animal or pothole leads to further accidents like overturning of the car since the wheels are not stable. Some find it hard to control the speed since the wheels are too high and are not ideal for car.

Step 4

The lift car process needs to be done by professionals since the bolts and the nuts need to be in place failure to which the wheel gets loose and leads to further damage and pose danger to other people. The mechanics give one the advice on the lift car length and technique they will adopt and the one that is suitable for the car.

Step 5

The smaller cars only enhanced and the height will be relevant and install good shock absorbers. For the other vehicles, the lift car technique is done on the front wheels or the back wheels to ensure that the car is stable at all times.


The lift car process only takes a few minutes but it is advisable to go for further adjustments in a regular basis especially when servicing the car to keep the bolts tighten the nuts to ensure safe driving.


When buying the lift car equipments, it is advised to stick to the reliable brands that are well performing, strong and used by many people. The mechanics give advice on the appropriate brands to use and this makes it easier to trust the brands and settle with the best option.

By david mecheld, published at 03/27/2012
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