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First and foremost, a car park refers to a space reserved for the parking of cars. They are usually found around airports, supermarkets, tobacco shops, hospitals, city centers among many others. These car parks are usually created to ensure that there are no chaoses especially around busy places where people may come around to do shopping, trading or carrying out other activities. Car parks may be classified as short car parking and long car parking. But the main focus will be on short car parking. These are usually created or provided for short term not exceeding two hours of parking.


Furthermore, the time allowed for car owners to use short car parking may vary depending on the car owner, some may decide to use less than ten minutes, others may use ten to twenty minutes, and some twenty to forty minutes in that order, and the maximum time allowed is two hours. Because of the rise in the production of cars worldwide, cars have become affordable and so purchased by so many people. This has therefore, resulted in the provision of short car parking to ensure many drivers are able to use them within the shortest possible time especially in busy areas around city centers. You may know about short car parking.


Adding to that, before an owner of a car is able to use a short car parking space, he or she may have to acquire or purchase a ticket. These tickets are usually sold at tobacco shops, shopping malls, fuel stations, hotels among others. Owners of cars may purchase these tickets in advance to avoid disappointments. The cost of tickets for a short car parking space may vary depending on the time. In the United Kingdom, the price of a ticket may cost about one pounds for ten to twenty minutes, two pounds for twenty to forty minutes, and three pounds for forty to sixty minutes, in that order.

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Also, it is important to know that owners of cars who may not need a ticket, to use a short car parking space, most especially in the advanced countries are the physically challenged or disabled. Usually, before they are able to enjoy this favor or facility they are required to show their disability id card or an id card proving that they are disabled. This may be shown by the driver to those in charge of the short car parking space. The disabled driver may also leave his or her id on the front screen of the car.
Last but not the least; short car parking spaces are located all over the world in both the developed countries and in the developing countries as well. But they are mostly located in the big cities of these countries, where population may be one million and above. Short car parking spaces are therefore important because of the congestion it helps reduce or prevent in these big cities. It is very important, therefore that more of these are provided in these big cities for convenience.


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