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First and foremost, there has been an increase in the production of cars worldwide in recent years. This is because, countries that were not known to produce cars have all started producing on a large scale. As a result of the increase in the production of cars, many parts of cars are made available to replace destroyed parts that need replacement, hence receiver car installation also. Receiver car installation, refers to the replacement of audio receivers or stereos in cars, this is usually done when already existing stereos in cars are destroyed or faulty, which requires urgent installation or replacement.


Adding to that, it is important to know that as a result of the music and news that is enjoyed by owners of cars, in the comfort of their cars when driving, they usually prefer using modern stereos that has got quality sounds hence the need for receiver car installation. In order to ensure a successful receiver car installation, the owner of the car must ensure that the new stereo is able to fit into the opening or space occupied by the one to be replaced. This is because these openings to be fit by the stereos may vary depending on the type of car.
Also, as a result of the variations in the size of car stereos or audio receivers, it is also important that the size of the new receiver matches or is the same with the size of the old receiver. This is because, every car has its space size for stereos. Before a receiver car installation can be done successfully, the owner of the car must read the manual of the new receiver carefully. It is important that, during the process of the receiver car installation the hand break of the car is applied.


Furthermore, the negative cord wires to the battery of the car must be disconnected to ensure that power does not flow during the process of the receiver car installation. During the process of the receiver car installation some tools may be needed such as a screw driver, a wire stripper, an electrical tape, a wire cutter among others depending on the type of installation. The screw driver is then used to remove the dash board cover of the stereo receiver in order to have full access to the back of the portion or part of the receiver to be fixed.

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Last but not the least, during the process of the receiver car installation, part of the stereo is removed to see how the wiring at the back of the receiver or stereo is done. The back of the receiver has got their main cords, namely the antenna cord, the power cord and the wiring harness. The antenna cord connects from the back of the receiver to the antenna of the car, whilst the power cord connects directly to the car battery, and the wiring harness is connected to the speakers of the car, since the process of receiver car installation usually include not only the receiver or stereo system but includes the speakers as well. These are then fixed to ensure a successful installation.

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