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Sticker’s car may look very easy to install. In many cases you will buy the car stickers but installation requires a lot of know how. Not every one can do the installations. Otherwise the skill can be acquired through a learning process. This is a form of graphics. The skill of sticker’s car cannot be learned by all the people. The skill needs some ones attention. The instructions are written down or attached on the product. You can therefore read through and get all the instructions which may help you to work out the installation by your self. The instructions sometimes may be very hard to grasp. If you are not able to get the instructions you can get a local shop which will assist you in doing the stickers car installation. In the shop you will get assistance from a professional person who will help you do the stickers car installations. In instances where the installations have been done in the wrong way, you can contact the local shop to do a replacement of the item. If this works out, you are able to get another stickers car installation for free but you have to bring the poorly installed stickers car. The shops will replace it without charging you anything.


Before going on with the installations, there some basic things you must know. This will enable you do the correct installations. The first thing to understand is that, the installations are supposed to be done on the outside of the car. For the stickers car installations certain items are important. You need a masking tape, you should have a glass cleaner, have towels which are dry. Use paper towels only. Another thing you need is a tape measure or a ruler.


When you are doing the stickers car installation make sure that the vinyl is not exposed to hot sun. The sunlight should not reflect on it directly. The temperature range when doing the stickers car installations should be between 60 and 80 degrees Celsius.When you do in direct hot sunlight you may cause damages.

Tips and comments

Another thing you need to observe is cleanliness. All the dust on the car should be wiped out to facilitate sticker’s car installations. Grease and also waxes are supposed to be cleaned thoroughly. This makes the surface look very clean before the application is done. The installations may not allow the decal to stick. The steps are supposed to be taken keenly and observed one by one.
The dry application is voted the commonly used way of doing the applications. When the application is done dry on the surface, then the sticking power of the sticker’s car is enhanced. When you apply when the surface is wet, the sticker will not hold the cars surface. In case you are doing a wet installation you should avoid using water with soap. Soap makes the surface very slippery and unable to hold the stickers car. The products will be perfectly installed only on dry surfaces. If in any case you are using water never mix it with any other thing, for instance when cleaning the surface of the car before you do stickers car installation. After completing the installation, maintain it with anew look. You can keep it clean by just washing it whenever you are washing the car. This gives the best perfect look for your car.


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