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Street Car Named Desire Book Review


"A Street Car Named Desire" is a play that has been done by the star Mr. Tennessee Willliams.This has the most superb acting for both play writing and also acting. The performance has been termed as very excellent. The new play is intertwined and woven to give the best you would expect. Sir Williams is presented as poet with thorough knowledge of life and people. He is potrayed as a profound human who is honest.


Street car has some history behind it. It portrays the image of a young Mississippi woman who masks reality and creates her own world. The lady lives wit a married sister. She is married to a mechanic.
Their in-law brother presents her as a liar and who is dishonest ad also unforgiving to Williams in this case although with pitying eyes doesn’t show any kind of sympathy to her or the playgoer. The street car episodes then lands in a very a conclusion that is quite painful although he doesn’t want to avoid it. In Mr. Blotches message he doest appear and present the truth. This episode for street car. Play puts Mr. Williams in the front of the best plays ever written by him.


In this case of the street car. He is seen presenting the case as very with a lot of problems and issues. The sensitivity that is portrayed by the character Elia Kazan in street car play shows proper and very steady direction which has solved the cases in lovable way. A very colorful and beautiful setting of the neighborhood has been potrayed by character Jo mielziner.He has shown the houses and exposed the colorful neighborhood. He has done a very shining and beautiful performance in the environment which leaves stunning conclusions in street car.

Tips and comments

Another character that has potrayed a long array of episodes is Ms Tandy. In this case of street car miss Tandy has been performing a long. In the play street car she has been seen on the stage all the time. When she comes on the stage, she is all the time opening the mouth and speaking, sometimes dreaming loudly, other times just wondering or other time chattering. The lady portrays a very cool character in street car with a clear voice and outspoken. Miss Tandy is also portrayed as a very intelligent woman. The performance of miss Tandy in the play street car is extremely fine and incredible. Through out the play she appears intelligent,lovey,very accurate and portraying the truth. He remains with solid character through out street car play.
On the other side there are also other characters who do it excellently. street car play is thus very quality with all the characters showing their boldness and a very wonderful character exposing. Marlon brond is another chap who is potrayed as a quick tempered character, he is very scornful and violent. His position in street car play is a mechanic. Another character is karl maden who appears stupid and wondering most of the hunters portrays patience but the sister is troubled very much.
In conclusion street car or a streetcar called desire is a very long and much has happened through out the William has presented human beings as the subject in art and it can be seen in his poetic language.

By david mecheld, published at 03/27/2012
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Street Car Named Desire Book Review. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.