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What Do You Do After Car Wreck?


Life is quite unpredictable and no one knows what may happen next. It won’t be wrong if we say that life is dull of risks. Person can do his best to avoid the risk. He can minimize the risk factor but eliminating it is never possible and similar is related to driving. Every year many people become victim of car accident. We can try our best to avoid the accident but at times it is our fate to be a part of car accident. You could not avoid the accident so what you can do after car wreck is very important as it can result in saving many other lives.


Always carry an emergency kit with you. If you meet an accident then you must have something to start the first aid treatment. Ambulance might take some time to reach but if you have an emergency kit then you can start the first aid treatment on your own. Moreover, you can even use this kit for treating those who get injured due to this accident. Who were passing by the road and unfortunately become the part of accident. Once it has been assured that no serious injuries are there then you must do your best to move the cars away from the traffic lanes. You should move the cars away as they can result in many other accidents if you leave them there after car clash. Show some responsibility and move the cars away from the traffic area and take them to some safe place.


Other thing that is important is to inform the police right after car accident so that they can start the case proceeding. Make sure that police note what actually happened. It is seen that police has it s own story and it stops you from getting the damage penalty from your insurance company. Stay genuine with them and share what actually happened. Do not hide anything from them and let them do their duty. Be cooperative and ask them to carry out the case proceeding on the base facts. Moreover, make a sketch of the accident with help of paper and pen or you can even make the video after car accident using your camera or mobile. Whatever you do should be done by remaining in complete senses. If you think that you are not in your senses then you can even take help from some pedestrian.

Tips and comments

Make sure to contact your insurance agent right after car accident and ask him to visit the site of accident as it can help you to claim for the damages. It is very important to contact the right person from your insurance person because everything is in his hands and his words would be final. Therefore, have the contact number of the right person that can help you in claiming the insurance right after car wreck. Car accident is never a pleasant experience to have. Therefore, one must take great care while driving because it is not only about your life but the lives of others associated to you.

By david mecheld, published at 03/28/2012
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