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Car batteries are one of the common components of a car that usually goes wrong. Every car will have car batteries installed in them. If car batteries die out it will be impossible to start the car. The function of car batteries is to provide electric current for starting the engine, as well as providing current for the operation of electronic equipment inside the car and inside the engine. One might have to remove and replace car batteries unexpectedly at any time. So it is important, to be well-prepared with all the equipment’s needed for removing and replacing car batteries. The equipment’s that one needs to have in the car at all times is an adjustable wrench, a pair of latex gloves and some water and baking soda. Removing and reinstalling car batteries can be done by following some easy steps.

First 3 steps

1. Remember to turn off the engine.

Turn off the engine and put the vehicle on hand brakes with parking lights on.

2. Open the hood of the car

Open the hood of the car and keep a blanket on the fender. Placing the blanket on the fender is important, for protecting your car from any corrosive acid that can leak out of the battery.

3. Removing the connection

Car batteries usually have a negative ground. However, some car batteries can also have positive ground. To know for sure if your car batteries having a negative or a positive ground it is advisable to refer to the car manual. If your car battery has a negative ground, start loosening the nut and bolt on the negative terminal of the car battery with the adjustable wrench. The negative terminal is the terminal that has - on it. In case your car has a positive ground, start removing the cable attached to the positive terminal that has a plus sign on it. Once both the cables are removed, keep them to the side so that you can easily remove the battery.


4. Removing the battery from its place

Different cars will have different mechanism to hold the batteries in place. But all the mechanisms will have a bolt or a screw to remove. So start unscrewing the bold or the screw holding the battery in place.

5. Remove the battery

Now the battery is free and is lifted from its place and kept to the sides.

6. Most often the tray on which the battery has been resting will have corrosive deposits on it. It is advisable to clean the tray using a little baking soda and water. While doing this cleaning make sure you are wearing gloves.

Tips and comments

7. Now take the new battery and place it on the tray.

8. Put back the holding device for the battery and make sure the battery is held in place without moving around.

9. Replace the battery cables

Replacing the battery cable should only be done in the reverse order in which you have removed it. That is if your vehicle has negative ground, the positive cable should be connected first.

10. Don't throw the old replaced car batteries in the open trash.

Car batteries are notorious for damaging the environment. So, it should be properly disposed.

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