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Options For Car Rentals in Italy


Italy is one of the most scenic and most beautiful countries of Europe. There are many providersoffering good Italy car rentals. With a good rental car, you can explore the whole of Italy including its beautiful countryside without experiencing the rush of going through a package tour. While selecting good, Italy car rentals it is important to compare all the available Italy car rentals in the region.


Some of the daily car rentals provide many added benefits like inclusion of all compulsory charges like airport fees, road charges etc. in the reservation price. Most of the providers also have facilities for booking Italy car rentals online from their respective websites. Once you book an Italy car rental service online they will contact you for enquiring about further details. The rates depends upon many factors like the category of car, the distance required, pickup location, and inclusion of other facilities like an air-conditioned car, a GPS system etc.


One of the most trusted Italy car rentals is the private firm by the name nova car hire. They offer cheap reliable Italy car rentals and are one of the most trusted names for Italy car rentals in the whole of Italy. They do not have their own Italy car rental service, but the checks out all the available offers from all the major car rental service throughout Italy and, provide you with a good quotation. Other than having low cost car, they also boast of having their offers in hundreds of location throughout Italy. They also provide safety cover for rentals reserved in Italy.

Avid Rent-A-Car system is another major car rental service from Italy. They operate in more than 165 countries and are known for their value for money. The Italy car rentals offered by avis are available throughout Italy and are available at all hours. A prior reservation has to be made for the car of your choice with details of location and rate.

Europcar is another major rental car provider from Europe. They provide rental cars all throughout Europe and have many offices. One of the striking features of this popular Italy car rentals service is that they provide privileges for customers who book car rentals through them. Being a member of their privilege club entitles you to have a discount of 10% with other benefits like express pickup service, guaranteed reservation, special rates for selected hotels bookings etc. There are the privilege cards like privilege executive and privileged elite which have a discount of 20% and 30% respectively. The privilegeelite are the card with the most number of benefits. The privilege elite also come with the benefit of free weekend rental and free additional driver. There are criteria's for qualifying for each member benefit cards. For example for being a member of the privileged elite one has to have at least 25 rental activity in a year.

Tips and comments

All the Italy car rentals provide the benefit of enjoying an Italian vacation of endless choice, exploring the artistic beauty of Florence or the enchanting ancient treasures of Rome. So go ahead and get a good car, from a good Italy car rentals service.

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