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Options For Car Rentals in Africa


The rental process for cars in Africa is a little different compared with the same rental options in Europe and USA, as we are talking about different roads, and different options requested by the clients. While in Europe and USA, people are looking for fast and reliable cars for driving around the city, in Africa, people would look especially for robust Africa cars that could lead them on the harsh roads of this continent.

Sure, in countries like South Africa and Egypt, where the tourism is developed and the authorities are concerned about infrastructure, Africa car companies are also able to offer fast cars suited for cities and highways. Generally, the Africa car rental companies offer the next facilities:
First, the tourists coming to Africa are usually groups. Those organized groups would probably want a large number of cars. In this case, the group should benefit of a discount for any Africa car, and sometimes those discounts could go up to 30 % and more.



The majority of companies offering Africa car services will not charge you in case you cancel your reservation. There are no penalties to cancel or modify the payment methods. Some people would like to pay with their cards, but later, they would like to pay cash for the Africa car.

You can rent any type of cars, such as mini, compact and even luxury cars. Of course, for the large groups of tourists, there is also the possibility to rent vans and small buses that are perfectly suited for the dusty African roads.



It is important to find an international Africa car provider that offers rental options for different African countries. The tourist circuits in Africa are usually long, covering a large number of states and countries. The best companies can be found in South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt, as those are the main tourist countries of Africa. Even if you plan to travel to other African countries, you will probably start your trip from one of those countries, and this is why you will need to rent the Africa car from here.

The major companies of this kind also have contracts and agreements to local car rental companies, being able to find you the Africa car you need at the desired date, ensuring a high professionalism and efficiency. It is important to have a car at your disposal, whether you are a tourist or a businessperson. The Africa car rental company also has to offer support in case it is needed.

Tips and comments

If you want to rent an Africa car, you will need the following documents: the credit card of the main driver, the passport or another identity document, the voucher received from the tourist agency, and also a valid driving license that is allowed in the country where you plan to travel. If your driving license is not approved in the respective country, the rental company must issue a document that will allow you to use your driving license on the respective territory, and with this document, you won’t have problems driving around the African country of your choice.

By Vlad Dake, published at 03/26/2012
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