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Rental Car Options in Greece


The car could be an ideal method of transportation, especially if you want to travel in Greece, or across the southern side of Europe. Greece is one of the favorite tourist destinations of the world, and this is why the Greece car companies can offer great deals for the potential clients.

There are no specific norms imposed by the European Union in the area of Greece car rental industry, but if you are a citizen of the EU, you will benefit of some great features. of course, tourists from other countries could benefit of great offers.


The clients of Greece car rental companies have the right to precise and clear information about the services offered. The price established with the car company must remain fixed. In the past, the clients and the rental company established a price with the company, but as soon as they arrived at the office of the company, they discovered that the prices were higher. This is why you will have to ask all the details on the site of the company. check if the VAT and other taxes are included in the initial price.

You will also have to specify your terms and conditions. For example, you might need a portable seat for your child, or some supplementary insurance. The majority of Greek car companies are able to offer you those services, but you will have to specify those terms, in order for the company to calculate the final price of those services.


The abusive clauses in the Greece car rental contract are forbidden by the law. For example, the rental car company is not allowed to introduce some clauses in the contract that you are not aware about. Based on the experience you have gathered along the time, you will be able to find the cheapest and most reliable Greece car company.

Before signing the Greece car rental contract, make sure to check the next aspects:

1. Check the clauses included in the price, and pay special attention to local taxes, as in some parts of Greece, around Athens, Piraeus and Salonika, those taxes might be pretty high. Check the supplementary costs that you might need to pay. The majority of Greece car rental companies prefer to pay the insurances and highway taxes by themselves, so the client won’t have to worry about them. however, you must clearly determine if those taxes are paid by the company, or if you need to pay them by yourself.

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2. Check the terms of combustible alimentation. The majority of companies will have the gas tank full, but they would expect you to bring the car back with a filled tank also. In case you don’t have the time to fill the tank, the rental company would probably want you to pay for the missing gas, but the price is surely higher than the price of the gas station. Some Greece car rental companies also have restrictions when it comes to kilometers limits and places where you are not allowed to use the car, so be sure to check the contract carefully.

By Vlad Dake, published at 03/26/2012
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Rental Car Options in Greece. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.