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Salvage Car Parts For Resale


If you car is no longer in working order but many of the parts are okay, you may consider selling the salvage car parts. Many people are looking for specific parts that get their cars running would be happy to buy the parts from you. You can also post the salvage parts on a variety of websites and in your local paper to attempt to sell them.



Step 1

List your salvage car parts on online classified sites such as Craigslist or Hoobly. These sites allow users to register and list items for sale or contact other sellers through the website. Take several pictures of the salvage car parts you have for sale. Create an account, sign in and create a listing. Choose the category for your listing and the location you live in or that is nearest to you. Upload your photos and write a description of the salvage car parts. Wait to be contacted by people interested in purchasing the parts. Most classified website will allow the interested buyers to contact you through email. You can the communicate back and forth as needed. You can also search the website for wanted ads. Many people will post a wanted ad requesting the specific items they are looking for. When you find a wanted ad that matched the items you have for sale, contact the listing owner and inform them of the car parts you have. You can also send pictures as well as the link to your listing if desired.

Step 2

Take the salvage car parts to a junkyard and try to sell them. Many junkyards will purchase salvage car parts if they are for popular models and are in working condition. They will ask to test the parts before giving you an offer. Some may even offer to buy the entire car if it is for sale. Junkyards may not offer as much money for the parts as you would get if you sold them to an individual.

Step 3

List your salvage car parts in your local newspaper. Some newspaper allow photos for a small fee and others will only allow text. Write a short description of the car parts you have available. Include your contact information, including your cell phone and email address. If you are willing to ship the items or meet somewhere to exchange them for payment, make not of it in your listing. Take the written ad to your local newspaper office and pay the fee to have it ran in your newspaper. Be sure to answer your phone and check your email often to see if anyone can attempted to contact you regarding your newspaper ad and the salvage car parts you have for sale.

Step 4

Post the salvage car parts for sale on your social network profile. You can take photos of the parts and write descriptions underneath the photos. This will allow everyone on your friends list to see the parts you have for sale. You can also search for profiles that are designed for people to post items for sale. There are also groups that are created for this purpose. Add or like the page to be allowed to post your items. Upload your photos and descriptions on the page and wait for people to contact you about the car parts.


Take clear photos, this will make people more likely to buy the parts.

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By Ellisha Mannering, published at 03/30/2012
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Salvage Car Parts For Resale. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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