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Car accidents are inevitable no matter how careful one drives. Normally, vehicles have seat belts to ensure that minimal damage is acquired whenever a car accident occurs. However, seat belts are more suitable for adults rather than children. In most cases, children tend to move a lot during travelling. One may not be able to supervise them throughout the process. With that, booster car seat is created for the sole purpose of child safety during car travel. Restraining you kids and allowing them to stay still while traveling will not only protect them, but limit accidents as well. If you are thinking of purchasing one, you might want to know what features you should seek when buying for booster car seat.


When Ferdinand Verbiest first designed an automobile, child safety was not taken into serious consideration. Throughout the years, numerous design modifications were made to further market vehicles. Through those years, seat belts were the primary innovative action done. As mentioned earlier, seat belts are well suited for adults. When did the booster car seat become popular? It was in the 1930s,  three decades after the creation of the first automobile did the concept of car seats arise. However, the concept was made not for child safety but to adjust the height of child’s seat. This is done so that the driver may see their child while driving. In 1962, Leonard Rivkin invented the booster car seat that not only heighten the child but also acted for safety purposes as well. Up until today, car seats were manufactured with standard procedures to ensure that a child is protected and comfortable during car travels.


In the market, there are numerous types of car seats. One of its types is the booster car seat. To give you a brief product description, it may look similar to a child’s car seat. The difference is it can carry children weighing 40 to 100 lbs. Its main purpose is to elevate the child. Through this seat, belts would rest within the child’s shoulders instead of the neck. The booster car seat has two types. First is the high back belt positioning booster. It contains back belts, head support and side cushions that would aid during any impact encountered. Another type is the no back or low back positioning booster. This is not recommended for cars that have seats that do nott support head rests. In order to determine what type of booster car seat to purchase, let your child help choose which is more comfortable for him.

Tips and comments

To finalize this article, like all tips and recommendations when purchasing a car seat, one must make sure that it is safe for use. Every booster car seat should and must pass the crash test. It is a standard test required for every car seat manufacturer. Another thing to consider is your child’s size and weight. Make sure that he is comfortable with it. In regards to this matter, you should know the weight limit of the booster car seat. It can easily be destroyed when your child weighs above the required limit. Your travels will be more enjoyable for you and your child knowing that they are protected.

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