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About Mi Car Insurance Laws


Mi car insurance laws cover a wide area. The estate of Michigan, in the US has set laws concerning car insurance. These laws are to be followed by all motorists in the state as well as car owners. Mi car insurance laws also have their differences from those in other states.


For many years, laws on vehicle insurance have been practiced all over the world. These laws are simply set to for motorists. Car insurance is a very important aspect as it is aimed to provide financial aid to drivers at times of road accidents. With mi car insurance, there are laws set as well as penalties for violating them.


To begin with, Michigan State follows the No Fault system. In this case, the laws on mi car insurance follow the same system. As compared to the tort states, Michigan car insurance laws don’t require the driver responsible for an accident to pay for damages. The insurance for every party covers their loss and damage caused in accidents. This makes mi car insurance laws more friendly compared to those in Tort states. Laws on mi car insurance also apply on the liability insurance. There are set liability insurance standards. These are usually the minimum amounts for liability insurance. For bodily injury or death of one person in an accident, the minimum is set at $20,000. That involving death or bodily injury of all persons in an accident is at $40,000 and $10,000 is meant for property damage coverage. For this case, all drivers in Michigan State must carry at least the liability coverage, also referred to as No Fault insurance. This is simply by purchasing the minimum liability mi car insurance. This applies for all vans, trucks, passenger vehicles and motorcycles. This should be done before a person registers their vehicle. Michigan being a No Fault state, having the Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is not mandatory.

Rental cars must also carry mi car insurance. This is the case with all vehicles in the state of Michigan. All vehicles in the state must carry at least the minimum liability coverage levels. Therefore, if one is looking to rent a car, they must ensure carrying this coverage. In most mi car insurance policies, rental cars are covered. This also applies to most credit cards in Michigan. One must thus check their policies and credit cards for this coverage. If any of these doesn't offer coverage, then one must purchase the insurance from car rental companies. When a person lets their mi car insurance lapse, then they must renew it. In case a driver does not produce proof of insurance, their driver’s license may be suspended. The same case applies to the plates. By providing the insurance, one should also pay $50 to get their license back. This is in addition to other fees required by the state’s laws.


Mi car insurance companies have the right to ask their clients to produce a list of their household members to be covered. These records are applied in the rating process. Clients also have the right to exclude household members from the coverage. When one excludes a family member from the policy, then the insurance policy is free from covering them.

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