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Car Insurance Options in Zurich


Car insurance options in Zurich depend on your personal needs because insurance companies that offer this product can design it to suite what you want. Basically the standard car insurance options that are available in Zurich are comprehensive cover, full third party cover only and full third part fire and theft.


Car insurance in Zurich is provided directly by short-term insurance companies or alternatively through insurance brokers and intermediaries. It is worth mentioning that, Zurich Insurance Company is headquartered in Zurich and is one of the leading insurance companies in the world. Insurance companies provide car insurance to individuals and businesses and they cover individual vehicles and motor fleet.


Comprehensive car insurance option covers accidental loss or damage to the motor vehicle as well as liabilities to third parties. If your vehicle is involved in a road accident and you are also liable to pay the third party’s damages to his motor vehicle, this car insurance option provide a full cover. In fact it covers own damage costs, third part property damage and third party bodily injury or death. Comprehensive car insurance option extends to cover medical bills for the driver and any passenger either in your car or the third party car, loss or damage to the car’s accessories, windscreen damage and emergency costs such as towing charges and emergency accommodation. If you want your car to be fully covered, this is the best option to take.

Another car insurance option in Zurich is full third party cover only, that pays the legal costs against third parties such as damage to third party property, third party death or injury. It is important to note that own damage is excluded. Besides this car insurance option, full third party fire and theft provide cover against third parties and own damage expenses as a result of fire peril as well as if the car is stolen. Other, perils such as damage due to road accident or windscreen damage is not covered. Laid-up fire and theft car insurance option is best if you vehicle is always parked and is not used on public roads.

The premiums charged per each car insurance option varies from one option to another. The cheapest car insurance option is full third party only whilst the comprehensive cover is relatively expensive because it provides a wide scope of cover. The premium payment option offered by insurance companies ranges from monthly payments, quarterly to annual payments. It is important to note that car insurance policies are renewed every year.

Tips and comments

Car insurance gives you a peace of mind knowing that if your car is damaged in an accident, is stolen, you hit a passenger or you damage third party’s property, all the costs involved are catered for by the insurance company. The best car insurance option to take is comprehensive cover because it provides full cover. Also, if you want to insure you motor vehicle or motor fleet, any short-term insurance company that offer this service in Zurich can help you.

By Fastman, published at 03/27/2012
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Car Insurance Options in Zurich. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.