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the Best Subwoofer Car Speakers


Whenever a person purchases a vehicle rarely do they come with a standard speaker and subwoofercar. Most of the speakers bought with the car are incapable of producing high quality sound. It’s therefore the duty of the owner to upgrade the speakers and add car subwoofer, this will ensure that even the lowest bass frequencies will be transmitted effectively.

The appropriate speakers and a good quality car subwoofer can transform your vehicle from being a drab contraption to a wonderful music listening environment. Below is a list of the best car subwoofer speakers:

Step 1

Polk db 212 Enclosed Auto Subwoofer

This car subwoofer is known for best audio quality, it combines a pair of 12 inch driver in a slot-loaded cabinet. This has the effect of creating a system that the faint-hearted can not stand. The Polk car subwoofer features a power port that is meant to reduce port turbulence noise thus giving the listener high quality sound at all times. Heavy ABS grills in a wheel hub design cover the drivers ensuring they are safe.

Step 2

Eclipse SE 8355 Auto Speakers

When you need to replace the factory car subwoofer with real speakers then it’s time to look out for this model. They are inexpensive speakers with car subwoofer that offers the best sound at just the right price with good looks in the process. The SE8355 features a tweeter, a super tweeter and a respectable car subwoofer in dome designs. The car subwoofer has rubber surround which can stand up to the rigors of a car interior.

This model speakers and car subwoofer occupies the same space normally taken up by single full-range speaker. The design offers a better sound as each driver component produces only the frequencies it is designed to handle. It’s important to note that these speakers are not designed for use together with high power components as they have a maximum power handling ability of about 90 watts with continuous power at 30 watts. At low power the Eclipse SE 8355 will deliver the required sound at very fair prices.

Step 3

Kicker Comp CVR8 12X12 Car Subwoofer

This car subwoofer boasts of 800 watts of pure power which are the heart and soul of the Kicker Comp VR CVR12 model. They have low distortion and hard-hitting bass that offers the best sound quality. The superior power ability and injection molded poly-mineral cone combines with double stitched foam ribbed rubber in order to provide for amazing strength and control.

JL Audio 10W7 Car Subwoofer

The JL W7 car subwoofer embodies true commitment to push the idea of speaker technology to a new level. It packs six patented technologies complete with a unique set of component that offer the best audio quality. Each W7 car subwoofer model has been well engineered to reproduce sub-bass with extreme fidelity at any volume level.

Kicker Solo Baric SLOL7 Car Subwoofer

This model of car subwoofer features a deposit cone with a non-resonant aluminum basket, Santoprene rubber surround and Dual 4-ohm voice coils. Its frequency ranges are 24 to 100 Hz with a power range of 75 to 600 watts while peak power handling is about 1,200 watts. It has a sensitivity of about 85.6 dB and top mount depth of 6-3/8


By Raphael Raphael, published at 03/29/2012
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the Best Subwoofer Car Speakers. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.