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5 Top Australia Hire Car Agencies


The land of Kangaroos also has some of the best Australia car hire services that afford travelers to get to their destination in good time as well as enjoy the great sights in this country. Those who come to this land find out that there is much more than hopping Kangaroos that travelers can see. Australian car hire services enhance the travelers experience by ensuring that they enjoy being at any place for the duration they intend to be there.

By using Australian car hire services visitors have the convenience of controlling the pace at which they wish to take in the sights and smells of the land. They can stop at will, driver slowly as they take in the beautiful countryside, stop at a village and sample the culture of the villagers and be in time for dinner at their preferred hotel.

Most Australia car hire services will tell you that travelers can engage in many activities such as tasting the wines from grapes grown in vineyards that dot the hillside. There is also the Opera house, New Year’s fireworks and Mardi Gras as well as great beaches waiting to be explored. Australian car hire also provide information to visitors about the Regent and Princess theatres in Melbourne where travelers are bound to catch a good show going on.

The following are some of the Australia car hire services:

Avis car hire

This has become one of the most familiar Australian car hire services that welcome travelers in many cities and airports not only in this country but also in the world. Avis provides customers with the best services which have seen the company become a premium car rental brand in famous destinations.

Budget Car Rentals

This is Budget in name not in quality; this Australian car hire company has brand new cars every year. This can only mean that every time you rent a car with the company you are assured of hiring out a current car model.

Europcar Rental

The company began in Europe but has diversified to become one of the reputable Australian car hire services. The company is known for it’s the only one that hires out the popular Subaru cars in Australia.

Hertz Car Rental

This is renowned for being the first Australian car hire services ever, they began by hiring out the famous Ford T Models in 1920s.Today the company is still going strong with one of the best customer base in the country.

Thrifty Car Hire

This is one of the newer and popular among the Australian car hire services due to their new cars. It’s owned by NRMA motoring and service. The company is known for being one of the most diversified Australian car hire services currently.

These and many other Australian car hire companies seek to offer the best services to travelers in order to ensure they have the experience of a lifetime during their vacation. Using the car rental services travelers can visit cities like Brisbane, Cairns, Sydney and Melbourne and get to see why Australia is a country that is worth visiting especially when one is one vacation.

By Raphael Raphael, published at 03/29/2012
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5 Top Australia Hire Car Agencies. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.