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In the highly diversified world that is today it’s quite hard to tell which is America car and which is not. This is because most cars built in the US have their part made in other parts of the world. Purely made American automobile are not always popular and hence fewer American car manufacturers are building such models.

The best American car models are those which are built here and have high amounts of domestic parts as well as ratings that go above 75 percent as bought by Americans.

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The Toyota Camry is one of the famous American car models and has been on the list of the best car in the US since 2007.It was briefly displaced but managed make a return against Ford F-150 which had gained some ground since 2006.The two American car models have jostled for space among the top of the list for quite some time.

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Later two other America car models joined the hot list; this included the Toyota Venza and Ford Taurus. Part of the shift is caused by certain factors shifting in the sales environment as well as domestic parts content. The redesigned F-150 series took a large chunk of sales in 2009 but after some time the F-series sales tumbled with nearly 40 percent almost to date.

Not only has the F-150 series dropped sharply but also the sales of the other famous America car models, Toyota Camry has also fallen though not as badly as the Ford car has declined. As result of the sharp decline in the Ford 150 sales Toyota Camry managed to edge out this model with a small percentage but with a decisive portion.

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Some previously famous America car models such as the Pontiac were discontinued with no clear successor and hence they are hard to fit among the best American car models. Chevrolet Cobalt is another of the famed American car models; however it has also dropped in ratings over the years. This America car built by General Motors in Ohio ran for more than three years on the top list of the best cars in the US before tumbling down.

General Motors however has never failed to build cars that make it to the top of the best American car list. Currently GM still has three slots at the top with Chevrolet Silverado, Chevy Malibu and GMC Sierra pickups getting high ratings as top America car models of the century.

Other top American automobile model that has competed at various times in the list includes the Honda Odyssey, the Taurus and Toyota Tundra. These and other American automobile models have kept the US in the race as makers and assemblers of great cars in the modern world.

As car making dynamics keeps shifting other America car models may rise up to take their place. One of the enduring American automobile that has beaten off competition and remained in existence since the first model was rolled of the manufacturing plant is Ford. This America car does not seem to be in a hurry to exit the automobile world as newer makes continues to glaze the world showrooms every now and then.

By Raphael Raphael, published at 03/29/2012
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