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We are all concerned about alternative fuel systems that will provide as a substitute for oil. We see today some innovations in this field, especially in the Auto world. We see hybrid cars that use batteries and solar panels to make energy and make the car move. Well there is a new concept in the market and it is by Magnetic Air Car Inc. It is still a concept car because applying the technology requires us to completely change the way roads are built today but it is considered to be the future of Auto technology. The concept is quiet ancient actually, first thought of in 1932 by J.M. Custer of Piggott. He researched and designed a working car that ran only on compressed air. The engine design was remarkable and during his first demonstration the car travelled 500 miles at 35 miles an hour. The engine hardly had any moving parts and didn’t require any cooling system, ignitions or a carburetor. The engine design hardly required any maintenance and would probably have been the greatest revolution in car designs.


The Magnetic Car is the Winner of the “Unseen technology award” at the Interior motives design award 2007. The design and features of the car are very futuristic, having seats that are coated with 3 mesh dense net joined together by a special fiber right on the surface. Then there are layers of two materials that give the interior its final look and allow the makers to adjust the softness of the seats.


Of course the technology didn’t draw much interest back then since speed and velocity were limited and giant gasoline cars were ruling the streets. Today that technology has once again regained interest when desperate need for alternative fuel for cars is needed. Today there is a bit if slight change in the design of the care, it now uses Magnetic technology. The car use air-bearing turbochargers to give the car a boost. There is another Magnetic Car design is quiet impressive when you try to understand the technology. The vehicle uses an electric engine which has the polarity same as the road. Now this right here is where the huge investment in altering the roads is required. The roads need to be made of huge concrete panels that also have giant magnets built within them. Now having same polarity, the magnet of the car and the road will create an upward force. This force will allow the car’s weight to be reduced by 50%. Now the design of the car is such that the electric engine allows a ring bearing system to transmit electric traction directly to the rear tire. It’s quiet rare to think of an idea such as this and is nothing less than a work of art.

Tips and comments

Like all concept cars, this car only seats two passengers and has limited speed compared to the fast cars of today. The Magnetic Car uses an inspiring technology and just proves that there is an alternate to using petrol for cars. The Magnetic technology is gaining popularity and is soon hope to be implemented.

By Amara, published at 03/29/2012
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