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About Puerto Rico Car Insurance Laws


Due to very crowded roadways, Puerto Rico car insurance laws are enacted to help manage losses during accidents. The roadways are also dangerous and accidents are common. The state of Puerto Rico is very popular for its beaches that offer beautiful features.


Automotive insurance has been in existence for many years. This is mainly meant to give drivers a smooth ride. In most states, there are set laws that govern car insurance. These laws vary from one state to the next. Failure to comply with the laws, drivers may face penalties that go in hand with these laws. The same trend is maintained with Puerto Rico car insurance laws. The requirements and penalties vary from those in other states of the US.


In every state, there are the set minimum liability levels. This is the basic insurance in many countries. For Puerto Rico car insurance, the minimum liability levels are set for both body liability coverage and property damage coverage. For body liability, laws on Puerto Rico car insurance require a minimum of $10,000 for bodily injury or death of a person in an accident, and $30,000 for death or bodily injury of two or more people in an accident. The property damage minimums are set at $10,000. Puerto Rico car insurance laws follow the no fault system. Compared to other states that follow the Tort system, the no fault system requires that drivers use their Puerto Rico car insurance to cover for medical expenses and damages. Unlike the tort system, the no fault system does not require an at fault driver to pay for property damage. The only alternative is that the driver at fault can be sued in case the loss is too high.

The uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is also important in Puerto Rico. Though the state does not require drivers to obtain it, most Puerto Rico car insurance companies recommend drivers to consider purchasing this coverage. Once a driver is involved in an accident with no proper insurance, the uninsured/ underinsured motorist coverage comes in. this coverage protects the driver by paying for repairs and expenses of the other insured driver in the accident. Puerto Rico car insurance laws require all vehicles to carry the liability insurance. This includes rental cars. For this case, most Puerto Rico car insurance policies cover car rentals. This is also the case with most credit cards. Drivers in Puerto Rico should thus check on their policies and credit cards. In case both do not cover rental cars, this insurance can be acquired from car rental companies.

Failure to produce proof of Puerto Rico car insurance, there are various penalties to meet. Some of the most common penalties include fines, suspension of driver’s license and plates as well as reinstatement fees. These penalties vary with the number of violations. This means that the penalties become harsh the more you violate the laws.

Tips and comments

Since auto insurance is mandatory for every driver in Puerto Rico, it is advisable to carry proper car insurance at all times. Since Puerto Rico is a No Fault state, one should also consider purchasing higher coverage than the State’s minimums. This allows one to be on the safe side when an accident occurs.

By SAMUEL MUHIA, published at 03/29/2012
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