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About Cincinnati Car Insurance Laws


Vehicle insurance laws are common in every state and country. These laws differ from one state to the other. There are minimums to meet and various areas where insurance is applicable. Cincinnati car insurance laws are set to follow those of Ohio State. There are various differences which exist with auto insurance laws in Cincinnati and other cities.


Cincinnati city, in Hamilton Ohio, is as well a highly populated city. The highways and other roadways are usually busy. Cincinnati car insurance laws are set to control road irregularities and violations. There are mandatory requirements that all drivers should fulfill. This is additionally to set penalties for those who violate Cincinnati car insurance laws.


Cincinnati car insurance laws require that all drivers carry liability insurance. This insurance is usually set at minimum levels of both bodily injury and damage on property. For bodily injury or death of one person in an accident, the minimum liability insurance level is set at $12,500. The liability coverage for bodily injury or death of more than two people is set at $25,000 and $7,500 for property damage in an accident. Cincinnati car insurance laws also allow drivers to opt for other insurance alternatives that show proof of financial responsibility. These alternatives include meeting a surety bond of $30,000 from a surety company, least $60,000 BMV bond provided by real estate equity or simply BMV certificate for $30,000 deposited with the State’s Treasurer.

Laws on Cincinnati car insurance also require that drivers carry proof of financial responsibility all the time. This is required for any person operating a vehicle. Failure to produce proof of financial responsibility coverage, there are stiff penalties to face. A driver could simply lose their license for a period of ninety days for the first offence. The duration increases with the second and third offence. There are also reinstatement fees to be paid when a driver is caught with no Cincinnati car insurance. Reinstatement fees range from $75 to $500. One is also required to buy a form of high risk car insurance. This is referred to as special financial responsibility coverage that is purchased for a period of 3 to 5 years. On the other end, the vehicle might be sold or impounded.


The mandatory Cincinnati car insurance applies to all vehicles. This is inclusive of rental cars. These cars as well must at least carry the minimum liability coverage levels set by the law. Rental car insurance is mostly included in many insurance policies in Cincinnati. This is additionally to credit cards. In case the insurance policy or credit card does not cover rental cars, the car rental companies provide it at an extra cost of between $7 and $14. Since Ohio State is a tort state, laws on Cincinnati car insurance follow the tort system. When an accident occurs, this system requires that a driver must be found responsible for the accident. This driver, termed as at Fault is the one responsible for all damages caused in the accident. The damage costs are thus met by the insurance company of the driver at fault. Most Cincinnati car insurance companies thus advocate that drivers carry higher coverages than the minimum levels set by the state.

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