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How To Buy Used Cars Cheap


Used cars have become a craze because they come at a very low cost. Globally, market for cheap used cars has been growing very rapidly. To buy cheap used cars, first and foremost you should track a used car dealer in your city. To find address of a used car dealer, check the website of the car manufacturer.

Step 1

To buy cheap used cars, you should personally visit a used car dealer. You can also buy cheap used cars through the website of various automobile dealers. You can also buy cheap used cars through online auto stores which do not belong to the dealers.

Step 2

Car manufacturers directly sell certified used cars through online auto stores. Before you buy cheap used cars, you should test drive it. Before buying cheap used cars, you should test its engine power. You should also check if there is any mechanical failure in the transmission while driving.

Step 3

You should also check the steering and gear-box performance before buying cheap used cars. The two best selling cheap used cars in the automobile market are the used 2011 Honda Fit Sport FWD Hatchback and the used 1994 Honda Civic VX Hatchback.

Step 4

The used Honda Fit model has I-4 117-HP engine. This engine is 1.5-liter in size and it has sixteen-valves with single overhead cam-shaft. This used FWD Hatchback has auto-manual transmission and rack-pinion steering with electric power-assist. This used 2011 Sport Hatchback has coil springs and five-speed manual transmission with over-drive.

Step 5

This used Fit Sport car has chrome tip exhaust and the engine displacement of this used Fit model is 91 cubic inch. This used 2011 car has rear bumpers and it requires sixteen-inch wheels. This used car has anti-roll bar with independent front strut suspension and it has lift gate rear cargo door. This Fit model has seek-scan and in-dash CD changer. This used 2011 Hatchback has rear torsion beam suspension and remote folding side door mirrors. Immediately buy this cheap used car.

The used 1994 Civic VX has I-4 92-HP engine. This engine is of 1.5 liter and it has sixteen valves. This used VX model has split folding rear seat and it is a 2-door car. This car has front bucket seats and the external length of this VX Hatchback is 160.2 inch. This used 1994 hatchback has alloy wheels and window defroster. This 1994 Civic has body-side moldings and battery warning mechanism. This used car model has bumpers which are of body color and it has tinted windows.

This used car has safety locks and running lights. This used VX model has water temperature gauge and vinyl door panel trim. This used car has dual front airbags and the external width of this Civic VX is 66.9 inch. This used Hatchback has theft deterrent mechanism and oil pressure warning. This VX Hatchback generates 97 lb-ft. of torque and it has 101.3 inch of wheel base. The external height of this 1994 Honda Civic is 50.7 inch and it has 10 gallons of fuel tank capacity. Right now buy this cheap used car.

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