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How To Sell a Used Car Online


Selling a used car now a days is a very easy job thanks to the advancement in electronic media. Internet provides a very good medium for business. Many automobile dealers have their own website for selling used cars. A private owner can also sell used car on the internet by posting advertisements on various advertising websites or on various blogs.

Step 1

Online selling also solves the problem of middleman for selling a car. There are also online auction websites available to sell used car, on such auction websites you can set a starting price for bidding and sell your car according to the highest bid. To sell used car online, one should decide an appropriate price at which the owner wants to sell it. The price of the car should be determined according to the current condition of the car.

Step 2

There are also many websites available for determining price of a used car. You can also ask your personal mechanic to determine the price for your used car. One should also take photographs of the car in various angles so that you can show the current condition of your car to the interested buyers. You should also take photographs of the damage parts of the used car so that the customer gets to know the condition of the car.

Step 3

To sell used car one should write a description of the car. It should have all the necessary details of the used car such as technical specification, purchase date of the car, total kilometers the car has been driven and about all the installed accessories in the car. The description should also mention the price range, address and contact number so that any interested buyer can contact you.

Step 4

After writing the description to sell used car one should look for automobile advertisement websites for posting the advertisement. There are many advertising websites like Ebay and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Orkut, where you can post your advertisement. After selecting the website the last thing is to sell used car online, for that one should post the written content along with the pictures of the car on the website page.

Step 5

Most people prefer to sell used car online because it is the fastest and reliable way of selling. There are also many free advertising websites available to sell used car. You should try to choose a website which is trusted and has large number of traffic on its portal to sell used car in lesser time. You should post advertisement of your used car on more than one website because it helps in increasing the possibility of selling the car in quick time.


For online payment of the used car through the customer one should choose a secure website which is free from spam and fraud risks. You should also keep your used car in good condition as described in the pictures on the website until the car is delivered to the customer. To carry out the task of selling the car online smoothly and without any hassles, there should be a relation of trust between both the seller and the buyer.

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