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The Safety Of Strollers And Car Seats


Strollers and car seats are safety devices that any parent, guardian or caregiver should use whenever a child has to be moved from one place to another. These devices are not only used to transport a new baby, but also provide comfort and convenience to the child and the parent.


Strollers came earlier in the lives of people than car seats. In 1733, a garden architect designed and built the first stroller upon the request of the Duke of Devon. In the 1830s, the first prams or carriages were sold in America by Benjamin Potter Randall. Later on, other versions of the pram or push chair as it is called in the UK arose. Several developments were made to the design of strollers to make them convenient to use and carry. The first reversible stroller was designed in 1889 by Richard Williamson. Another innovation came from Owen MacLaren in 1965 when he built strollers made from aluminum frames. Still another breakthrough in the field of baby transport was the development of travel systems which included strollers and car seats.


Today, parents are faced with several choices when purchasing strollers and car seats. Both transport devices are convenient to move the infant or baby safely and without problems. Buying what you need the most is easy to do. For instance, people in developed countries are likely to own a car and thus, need to buy car seats first to guarantee the safety of their kids when there are unusual movements in the car or when there is an accident. A 5-point harness system ensures that the car seats are attached properly to the vehicle and the seat and its occupant won’t be thrown out through the windshield in the event of a collision or shock. There are appropriate car seats for infants, babies, and toddlers. For instance, a front facing car seat is appropriate for infants while children up to age 2, use the child seat with a back rest and head support. Car seats are tested on their safety and manufacturers have to comply with existing regulations of the country. These infant or child car seats are even crash tested for their safety and effectiveness in shielding passengers when there are shocks.

Strollers on the other hand, are bought by people who do not really travel by car or transportation system. It is easy to bring the baby or a child in a stroller than to carry the child. While an infant can also be carried by using a carrier or a sling, this is only good up to a certain weight. As the child grows and becomes heavy, it is already an inconvenience. Strollers are there for that with many different models and kinds in the market. You can add all sorts of accessories for sun and rain protection as well as from the cold. There is also a basket, hamper, and even a platform where another older child can stand. Other models include tandem strollers for twins or triplets, jogging strollers and so on. Some people also buy strollers and car seats together. Travel system strollers and car seats also exist. Usually, the car seat is fixed on the stroller base and removed to fit in the car. When the child is older, the stroller can be fitted with a regular cloth base with safety belts. Whatever the type of strollers and car seats people purchase depends also on the use and purpose of these safety and convenience devices.

Tips and comments

Generally, car seats that are more than 5 years old should not be reused. Also, parents have to check if the parts or the car seats models are not those on the list of recalled products and parts.

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