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Every car is designed to have car lights on the front and back parts. These car lights are destined for many purposes, such as directing a beam of light towards the direction you are heading to or just delimiting the car’s length and width so the other participants to the traffic will know where you are placed when it is dark. Car lights are one of the essential parts of a vehicle and of course they can be changed or upgraded. The headlights are also of several types. The best headlights set that you can install on your vehicle is the xenon and bi-xenon set. It emits a very powerful white beam of light that will light about 200 or 300 meters of road depending on the car lights angle. But let’s see what car lights you are allowed to have on your vehicle.


In the front side of the vehicle you will be able to have two headlight lamps, containing several light bulbs. These light bulbs are responsible with more types of signals. For example you will have to the extremities of your car some guiding lights meant to show the other traffic participants when you want to turn left or right by intermittently lighting up the car lights. This is called the directional signal. You will also have the position lights, which are meant to show your current position, they are not so powerful, and so the other traffic participants will not be blinded, and are located to the edges of the car. The last type of car lights is the actual headlight, used for directing a beam of light towards the direction in which you are heading to. Also in some vehicles you will find fog projectors used to see better when you are driving through fog.


In the rear of the vehicle you will also find several lighting devices. There are two lamps placed to the extremities, having intermittent lights, used to let the other drivers in traffic know when you are about to take a right o a left turn, or just when you change the driving lane, there are the positional lights. The ones that let the other participants know your position at night so they don’t crash into you. These lights are red colored. Also another set of red colored light are the break stops. These stops consists in two lamps located near the positional lights and another horizontal lamp located either in the upper part of the vehicle or on the car’s rear window. Also other light signals include the reverse light (it lights when the driver uses the reverse gear) and the fog witness light, a bright red light meant to position your vehicle when it’s foggy weather.

Other lights

Other noticeable lights mounted on a vehicle and which are also required by the laws in any country are the lamps located under the license plates and on top of them, responsible with the lighting of the car’s numbers at night. These are necessary in all countries.

By Bob Meadow, published at 04/04/2012
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