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Tips For Fm Car Stereos


Car without an fm car stereo system is obsolete in this century. The fm car stereo system is a must in every car nowadays. It is counted as an important feature of the car. This is the reason why most of the cars have FM radio player, CD player and even iPod sockets installed in them. There are many brands in this field of car audio equipment. Hence research is an important option to make sure that the product you buy is the best one and you get the best deal. The following tips will help you to do that only.

Step 1

Tip 1

An fm car system must have the ability to play songs from different audio sources. The transmitter must be strong enough to catch the frequency signals. A separate aux-input socket must be installed along with the fm car stereo to enhance the performance.

Step 2

Tip 2

If you move the fm transmitter closer to the actual antenna of the radio and not to the deck itself, then the chances of the fm car stereo to function properly increases. The actual antennas are generally fixed on the outer portion of the car or maybe build in the rear section of the car.

Step 3

Tip 3

The earphone extension of cable television can be used as the transfer antenna. If the length of the earphone extension is increased, then accordingly, the strength of the transmission of the fm car increases.


Tip 4

Simple fm car transmitters and receivers can broadcast and receive at a very small range of frequency wavelength and this renders it useless in big cities, where there are many FM stations and almost the entire FM range is used. The fm spectrum varies from 88.1 MHz to 107.9 MHz and has an interval of .2 MHz. The fm car transmitter and receiver must be able to broadcast or receive signals from the entire range and thus gives an opportunity to make use of any unused wavelength to broadcast. A predetermined storage is needed to allow successive change between the frequencies.

Tip 5

An fm car transmitter or a receiver is mainly an electronic device. It depends on the rate of recurrence displayed. In case of an fm car stereo, this is an important factor, as the radio must be able to receive the best frequency wavelength as the car moves from one area to another. The method to switch between frequencies for better reception and transmission should be easy.

Tip 6

The next important factor of an fm car stereo system is the power supplies. In most of the cases, the power supplies of the transmitter come from the battery of the car. A smoke lighter socket is used to draw power from the actual vehicle’s twelve volt battery. In other cases, the power supplies turn out to be AA, AAA or Lithium-ion electric battery. In such cases, there is always a fear of losing out power. Hence a backup power supply must be kept in storage at all times.


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By Bob Meadow, published at 04/04/2012
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