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How To Donate a Car To Charity in the Uk


Car donation is done when there are unused automobiles or vehicles belonging to any individual or organization. Cars are donated to charitable organizations. There are schemes to donate car charity in United Kingdom but they are slightly different from those that work in other countries like US. In the US, there are special benefits given in terms of tax in favor of the donating car but in UK there are no such special facilities available.

The process is a leading enterprise in UK that helps to donate car charity by raising funds by accepting unwanted car donations. Giveacar arranges to collect the vehicle from the donating person absolutely free of cost. Recycling is done and set according to high standards of the environment and sell it through auction. An average of eighty euro is raised from each car. 02000111664 is the contact number of Giveacar. Once a call is made the details are taken down and a partner will be there to arrange for the collection of the car. The vehicles are surely to be collected in seven days after the initial enquiry is made. After the donate car charity is received by Giveacar, the donation is processed to the charitable organization.

Charitable organizations

  • NSPCC- National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children has become the leading charitable organization for the protection of children in UK. It is located at 42 Curtain Road in London. Contact number is: 02078252500. is the website that gives all possible information regarding the organization.
  • Child Line - This organization works for the young people who are in danger like parental separation, distress or any mental disorder. It also provides counseling to the children. is the website of this organization. It is located in London, UK.
  • Barnardo’s- This organization protects children from discrimination and poverty. It essentially works for the children to give back their life and have a bright future. It is located in Barkingside, London, UK. is the website of this charitable organization.
  • The Stroke Association is a leading charity organization of UK. Located at Stroke House, 240 City Road in London. The website which would help you follow this organization is
  • The National Benevolent Charity- This organization offers financial help to the needy and the elderly people. It is located at Gloucestershire, UK. is the website to be followed for any relevant details regarding this organization. It has created a difference of existence and living amongst the old people who had been struggling with small income.


Opinions from the critics are such that they claim these types of donations to be the most widespread in the whole world. Of these, charity in UK is most widespread. Donate car charity, of late, have become much in demand in the recent years. There are many charitable trusts which organize donation programs. There are many processing companies in this transaction pertaining to the donate car charity and they take a little percentage of benefit from the final sale price of the car.

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