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How To Purchase a Car Through Private Sellers


A car purchase is not an everyday decision. so, when the moment comes you need to know from where you want to buy it. A private seller may sometimes be a better option than a car dealer. This type of car purchase has its advantages and disadvantages and many people resort to it. This happens mainly when people do not afford a brand new car, but they need one. However, a car purchase through a private seller has many disadvantages due to the fact that it is not the safest way to make an acquisition.

Step 1

Read the ad carefully. You will not be able to picture a clear image about the car just by reading the ad, but at least you can make an idea. According to the writing style you can have a clue about how serious the car seller is and if you can trust him with your car purchase. Look for good ads where they provide as many details as they can. If you can find more than one picture attached, it will be great. Regarding pictures you also need to pay attention from what angle they are taken due to the fact that many shot from angles that do not show faults.

Step 2

Do not make a car purchase if it does not have a title. This is one of the most important things that you need to take into consideration. You may buy a stolen car and even if not, who knows what other problems you may encounter in the future. so, if the car does not have a title, do not opt for that car purchase.

Step 3

Get the vehicle report. You will find the history of the car in that document. Make sure that the car purchase is worth it. See if the owner respected all the rules and made all the necessary checks. Be on a look out for former crashes or incidents. Also check if the information provided in the report games the Vehicle Identification Number. You surely do not want to purchase a car that was salvaged in the past.

Step 4

Make sure that the owner of the car is not a fake. After you decided on a certain car purchase, ascertain that the private seller is who he says he is. Fake IDs can be made, so you will have many problems with the car in the future. Resort to legal agreements and that way the seller will not be able to provide you with a false identification.

Step 5

Do not take everything for granted. Test the car yourself before buying it. Take it for a ride, test the breaks, and test the speed limit and how it responds to sudden changes. If you know that you need a resistant vehicle, you have to drive around and see if it meets your requirements. Pay attention to any weird noises and ask the owner about anything that seems suspicious. If you think he is lying and you are not comfortable with his answer cut off the deal.

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By Bob Meadow, published at 04/05/2012
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