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How To Amp Car Installation


Installing a car amp is not an easy process. Even if you want to install an audio amplifier on your vehicle, you must take into consideration the fact that you need to be at least familiar with what the installation implies. Not to mention that you better resort to a professional if you are a newbie in this field. There are some steps that should be followed, and you must respect the procedure. Here, you can read in the following paragraphs the first things you need to do when installing a car amp. However, if you do not feel qualified, you should leave it to a specialist.

Step 1

First ascertain the battery’s place. Look on each side of the car and after you found out where it is located, disconnect the negative end. Before performing this action, make sure you know the security code of your audio system. If you disconnect the negative end, but you will not be able to reactivate your audio system after you install your car amp, you will have to resort to a specialist.

Step 2

You need to find a rubber grommet through which you can run the power wires of your car amp. If you do not have such a place, you will need to make one. In order to make a factory opening you need to drill one. Be careful because the slightest mistake and you may end up breaking something. Before you start drilling, take into consideration what is behind the firewall. You can use a small sized bit for a start, and then increase its size if you need a bigger hole. A stepped bit is highly recommended for this action.

Step 3

Car amp installation is not the only one that needs attention. The edges of the hole must be protected from rust. You can do that by using paint or something similar. This is a very important aspect, thus make sure you do not skip it. You also need to set up a rubber grommet. This will protect the wire and prevent any further damage. If you have a large calibre wire you need a larger hole, thus a larger rubber grommet. You will find special ones in car shops.

Step 4

The process of installing a car amp needs a certain procedure. You need to pass the wire from the interior of the car into the hole. In the end you need to reach the place where the battery is located in order to establish the connection. The difficulty of the process depends how long and thick the wire is. The car amp is a great asset that definitely deserves attention when installing it.

Step 5

Do not forget about an in-line fuse. The car amp needs an additional installation of a fuse that will protect your vehicle in case of a short circuit. Remember that this is compulsory due to the fact that it protects your car which is more important than your car amp. You will need to install a fuse that has the proper size. This is set according to how much power the wire will carry.


Car amp installation requires a lot of accuracy, attention and time. You can do it by yourself, but you need to be very careful due to the fact that you may damage certain parts of your car or you may get electrocuted.


By Bob Meadow, published at 04/02/2012
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