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About No Touch Car Washes


Car washes developed in time and they became more and more popular. Nowadays, people who have a huge garden, all the equipment needed and the necessary mood, still wash their car at home. However, the majority resort to different types of car washes. Some are better than others due to their technique. For example, automatic washes were very popular, but they trend disappeared because they use a sort of a brush that leaves marks on the car, damaging the painting. In consequence no touch car washes were established. This type of car wash has its advantages and disadvantages, but at least you know that nothing will damage your car.

A Popular Car Wash

No touch car washes do not use any sort of brush. Its secret stands in water pressure. This technique became very popular due to the fact that many saw in it a safe way of washing their cars. Nowadays, people prefer to resort to a no touch car wash rather than an automatic one. Of course, there are washes were machines do the entire work and washes where people use high water pressure in order to clean the car. But no matter what kind of labour force they use, it is still more popular than the ones which imply a brush. Painting the car is very expensive and paying for a service that leads to paying for another one does not make any sense. In fact it is a waste of money and time. Above all, you lose your temper, and some people care about their cars more than anything, thus they may even develop health issues due to excessive vexation.


No touch car washes have many advantages. First of all, as it was mentioned above, it represents a much safer way of washing your car. Among this, it is also cheaper and quicker. You do not need to wait for an hour in order to get your car cleaned. Some washes even allow you to stay inside while the process is performed. That way you go into the car wash as you go into a garage, and you pay for the service before or after by rolling down the window. This type of wash is perfect for someone who wants a quick clean due to the dust that accumulated and other things that made it dirty. A no touch car wash has many benefits, but even if it is very popular it is not the best.


There are many reasons why some opt for manual washes where people clean their cars with all the proper equipment. One of the no touch car wash’s disadvantages is that you do not get a shiny car. Nobody says that it is not cleaner after the process, but it will not look like brand new. This is due to the fact that some things that made it dirty will not wash off. Those stains require special treatment, thus you need to resort to a manual car wash. Another disadvantage would be the queue. These types of car washes are very popular, thus if you go there without considering the time, you may find yourself waiting hours even if the process itself is fast. In conclusion, the no touch car wash is a choice. It all depends on what you want and how much you care about having a mirror instead of a hood.

By Bob Meadow, published at 04/02/2012
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About No Touch Car Washes. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.