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How To Find a Ford Galaxy Car For Sale

Published at 04/03/2012 09:00:50


There are many ways to find a Ford Galaxy car for sale. You can easily find a Ford Galaxy car on the internet. There are many auto-stores on the internet which sell this car. To find online Ford auto-stores, you should search the internet through Google search engine. A Ford Galaxy car is also available for sale through all the Ford dealers. To find the location of the nearest Ford dealer in your city, you should check

Step 1

You can also find and buy a Ford Galaxy car through online classifieds. Many individuals directly sell their Ford Galaxy car through online classifieds, so you should keep checking such classifieds. Authorized automobile dealers also sell Ford Galaxy car through their website. Let us check the best selling Ford Galaxy car.

Step 2

The 2008 Ford Galaxy 2.2 Ambiente Automatic is the best selling car which is up for sale with all the Ford dealers. This Galaxy car is a multi-purpose vehicle and it is a front wheel drive. This 2008 Galaxy 2.2 Ambiente Automatic has four-cylinder engine with twin cam and sixteen valves.

Step 3

The towing weight of this 2008 Ford Galaxy is 1806 kg and this 2008 model has engine displacement of 2295 cm3. The fuel capacity of this Ford Galaxy 2.2 is 70 liter and this 2008 car requires petrol as fuel. The range of this 2008 Galaxy is 693 km and the wheel-base of this 2008 Ford Galaxy is 2840 mm. This car has rear disc brakes and the ground clearance of this Galaxy car is 120 mm.

Step 4

The maximum power generated by this 2008 Galaxy car at the wheels is 42.8 kW and the carbon-dioxide emissions from this Galaxy car is 218 g/km. The passenger volume inside this 2008 Ambiente Automatic is 4450 lbs and the power-to-weight ratio of this Galaxy is 84.1 kW/ton. This 2008 Ford Galaxy 2.2 has cargo capacity of 330 lbs and the maximum speed generated by this 2008 Galaxy car is 196 km/h.

Step 5

This 2008 Galaxy has five doors and this Galaxy car has specific output of 46.6 kW/l. This car also has traction control option and the load capacity of this Galaxy car is 726 kg. The maximum cargo capacity this Galaxy car can handle is 2600 lbs and this car has anti-lock braking system.


The height of this 2008 Galaxy car is 1800 mm and the maximum torque produced by this 2008 car is 203 N-m. The maximum gross weight of this Galaxy car is 2454 kg and the unitary capacity of this 2008 Galaxy car is 573.78 cm3/cylinder. The combined fuel consumption of this car is 10.1 l/100km and this 2008 Galaxy car has ventilated front disc brakes. The stroke produced by the engine of this Galaxy car is 91 mm and the maximum output power produced by this 2008 Galaxy car is 107.0 kW. The engine of this 2008 Galaxy has bore of 89.6 mm and the wheel-base ratio of this Galaxy car is 1.64. This 2008 Ford Galaxy has specific torque of 88.5 N-m/l and with this car you can also opt for electronic stabilization program. So don’t wait, buy this Ford Galaxy car today.

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