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You buy this cool phone, then you realize that’s it’s not enough so you buy an iPod. You need an external hard disk, and so you buy one. Then you buy a laptop for your studies or work. At this time, you realize you have one major problem; none of these devices is compatible to another, and you need different cables for all your devices. This was the situation before USB came into being. With a single USB port, you can connect thousands of devices. The automotive industry is fast embracing usb car technology. A majority of today’s cars has car usb ports where you can plug in hundreds of devices. With car usb technology, you can charge your phone, play music from your flash disk or external drive and many more. The use of car usb is literally limitless. Here are a few usb car devices for your daily use.


You might be in a situation when your phone is out of power, you are driving, and you have nowhere to stop and charge it. Car usb chargers are just what you need. With a car usb charger, you can charge almost any device from your phone to your mp3 player and even your tablet. This car usb charger plugs into your cigarette and draws power from it. Most of these devices will provide about 5V DC, which is in range with what most devices use. However, be cautious when using these devices as they could end up frying your device.


Before storing data on flash drives and USB hard drives became common, we stored data on discs. Discs are prone to scratches and can easily be mishandled. Now there is a car usb mp3 player. These devices have replaced discs. They are easy to work with, to carry and to handle. These too plug into and draw power from your cigarette lighter. These devices come with inbuilt FM transmitters. Once you load music into your USB drive and plug it into the player, the device converts audio signals into radio waves which you can listen to on your stereo on a pre-set frequency.

Just like audio, getting video to pay in your car was quite a hassle, you needed to burn the videos on discs which you would have to swap regularly. Usb car devices have revolutionized how video is played in cars. There are usb video players with screens measuring about 2 inches, but you should not feel limited to size. You can get a larger one of about 7 inches. With these, you can put thousands of videos on your removable drive and play them via USB.

Tips and comments

With all these third party devices in the market, car manufacturers have not been left behind. Vehicles are coming off the production line fitted with USB compatible stereos. Most multimedia units with screens support video play back directly from USB removable drives. For those without one, you can swap the stock stereo for one that supports direct USB playback. Some of these even support external USB hard drives.

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