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Car Seat Cover Maintenance


It is important to take care of the car seat cover, as those are the central attractions of every car. Every person that enters the car will be impressed or disappointed by the look of those seats, and this is why they should look perfect in any case.
The car seat cover must be taken care of with special solutions, and you will have to choose only the best of them. Just buying great seats cover materials is not enough, and if you want to keep them clean for a long time, you will need to follow the next advices.


Preventive measurements for car seat cover

Using the vacuum cleaners is not enough. The accessories of the vacuum cleaner are great, if you are able to use them correctly. You will have to vacuum the seats every week, and if you have the money and you are really interested to keep the seats clean, you will have to take the car to the specialized cleaners at least once a month.

Once a year, remove the car seat cover completely, and wash them in the washing machine. However, make sure the material is resistant enough, as there are some kinds of seat covers that can only resist to lower temperatures. If you have pets and small kids, you should find a special solution for the car seat cover to prevent stains.


First aid for the car seat cover

The basic rule to remove a stain from the car seat cover is to take care of it before the liquid is impregnated in the material. Use a towel or a clean soft material that can absorb the respective liquid. Don’t rub the material, as you will only spread the stain. Push the towel on the respective stain, from the exterior to the interior. If this method does not have the expected effect on the car seat cover, you should use the special solutions. Don’t forget that stains of fat and oils can only be removed using dry cleaning products.

Before applying the special solution on the stain, test its effects in a hidden place of the car seat cover. This way, you will determine if the colors of the material are affected.

Don’t use too much liquid on the material. Even if you are able to remove the stain, the car seat cover material will be flooded with the respective substance, and this is the best place for mold and bacteria, and those are far more dangerous than a simple stain.

Don’t try to hurry the process of drying using a hair dryer, as the heat will only make the stain more resistant to the cleaning products.

Tips and comments

Profound car seat cover

Once a year, hire some specialists to treat the car seat cover professionally. If the car seat cover can be removed, try to wash them in the washing machine, using a proper temperature. You should find the proper temperature to wash the car seat cover in the specifications of the product, or if you don’t have them, enter the website of the manufacturer.

By Vlad Stanculescu, published at 04/01/2012
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