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How To Avoid a Near Car Accident


The number of car accidents on the streets is huge now, compared with the same number twenty years ago. It might be the increased number of cars, or the fact that more and more young people drive their car under the influence of alcohol. Don’t rely on the professionalism and care of other participants to traffic. If you see a car near you, it is important to know a few methods to avoid an accident with the respective car.

Step 1

Especially if we are talking about a big car near you, such as a truck, any driver of a small car should take some preventive measurements.

Step 2

On the streets of the city, even for small speeds, keep a safety distance from the car near you. If you are driving too close to the respective car, it might be possible for the driver of the respective car not to see you. Moreover, if the car near you brakes suddenly, you might not have the time to stop your car. Therefore, every good driver must take a decent distance from the car near him.

Step 3

Keep an eye on the sidewalks. Even if crossing the street is prohibited, a child or a hurried person might want to cross the street in a forbidden place. Especially if you have a car near you, it is important to keep a safe distance from the respective car, but also from the sidewalk.

Step 4

Pay attention to the vans and big cars parked on the sidewalk. They might mask the driving signs, and because of lack of visibility, the driver of the car near you might observe a sign that you can’t see, and this is an important cause for accidents.

Step 5

Be careful while overcoming a big car near you. Because of the position and dimension of such truck, the driver might not observe your car. The driver of such vehicle has many dead angles, meaning that he can’t observe the car near him even if he wants to. Many accidents happen just because the truck driver can’t observe small cars. In this case, the consequences are severe, and this is why it is better to prevent such problems.


If you are driving in a row and you have a truck behind you, try not to brake sudden, as the breaking distance of those vehicles are longer. A truck needs about 10 meters to break from 20 to 0 miles/hour, while a small car needs about 3 meters to do the same. It is important to understand this aspect. Sure, the driver of the truck is guilty because he was not able to keep a safe distance, but if you suffer a severe accident, this is a pale consolation.

Sources and Citations

If you have a big car near you, it is important to consider the air currents, as they might be really strong, especially if you have a small car with reduced dimensions. The best advice is to keep the steering wheel with both hands and to reduce the speed, or to try to overcome the car in front of you.

By Vlad Stanculescu, published at 04/01/2012
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