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How To Decals Car Placement


A decal is a cloth or paper having a pattern on it that can be moved to other surface on contact. The basic purpose of this sticker is to advertise the car or make it distinct from others. Government usually uses decals that make the vehicles distinct from others. These days it has become a route of advertisement, most companies uses the distinct stickers which have now become the identity of the companies. Decals cars appeared before World War II, they were like flags and were attached to the car via wires.

Step 1

Since then the tradition of placing decals has became very popular. Let us give you some instructions how to place decals on decal cars. Firstly you need to clean the surface area thoroughly on which sticker is to be placed. Place the sticker on desired position and apply tape over it so, that it stays in one position. Rub it in place with hand or credit card like things, so that no air bubbles left. Wait for a few minute and then peel off the transparent sheet.

Step 2

People love decals car and it is a fact that it catches the attention of many people. A person can customize his car to make it look different and attractive. Using customized decals is also a part of car customization, different customized stickers are available that you can use. Sometimes they act as protector as well; as they protect the car from scratches and blemishes. As compared to paints decals car an easy and cheap option.

Step 3

Car placement is an act of advertisement and decals are used for advertising, we can give our stickers a different shape, colour, and design so that our car stands apart among others. Although an automobile is purchased as it is a real need, but these days love for cars has increased the expenses of car customization.

Step 4

Decals cars tell its story on its own, i.e. from where it was bought and where it goes for extra looks etc. Younger ones are inclined to funkier or adventurous stickers while the others may go for decent looks. Like government cars, press associated people also use decals cars to make others known that it is car of a journalist or news anchor etc.

Step 5

Cars stickers are not very expensive rather they are cheap. They are in budget and are easily available in every car shop. Many stickers are available online as well to customize and design your own decals car.


They have a friendly way of designing and creating a decal in accordance to your choice. You can get them and place them anywhere you want i.e. back of the window, side of the window, side of the car’s doors etc. Always use a proper training before applying decals.


Decals cars are an excellent way of advertising, it didn’t loses the car’s looks and advertise well but few people love the car in its original form, for them decals cars are not suitable, they should rather keep the car in its original form.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 04/04/2012
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