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The brand new and shiny cars straight from a showroom satisfy the needs and wishes of most of the owners, but the cars enthusiasts and racers usually go for more complex and unique looks and functions for their automobiles. Many people cannot afford to buy a stylish and latest cars in the industry but this does not mean they cannot enjoy styling a simple car into an attractive and contemporary vehicle. That is where the car kits come in. Customized with various spare parts, car kits help you modify the exterior part of your car according to your taste and demands. There are other types of interior car kits as well like emergency kits, Bluetooth hands free kits, iPod and stereo kits, hydrogen fuel and electric kits.


History of vehicles goes way back to 1672 when a man named Ferdinand Verbiest designed a steam engine, however there is no evidence that it was ever built. Afterwards, several engineers experimented and created engines but were deemed unsuccessful. Nicholas Joseph Cugnot designed and crafted the first working engine and some tractors. The famous engineer, Karl Benz, designed the first car ever that also functioned properly, in 1885. His wife, Bertha Benz, took a first road trip ever in the history. The cars today are based on the same designs Benz drafted.


Exterior body car kits gradually improve the looks of your vehicle that suits your needs and personality. They can be simple or based on graphic themes. Themed kits are popular among the racers and Fashionistas to make a bold statement and along with that, if properly managed, these kits also enhance the functionality of the car. Install Lambo wing doors, air wings, engine grills and vents, front and rear bumpers, fenders, side skirts, spoilers, roof scoops and several other exciting stuff in an extensive range of designs. You can get some funky accessories like LED and fog lights or get an amazing paint job for the exterior surface of your car in bright colors and patterns. It is becoming an ideal choice for enthusiasts to use these kits to express themselves. Bluetooth Hands Free kits are quite of convenience if you are on business travels a lot and they ensure road safety as well. iPod kits let you relax and enjoy a nice song while traveling. Emergency kits are another type which will benefit you if you ever end up in a difficult situation. It consists of items that are crucial for survival if you get stranded like water, food, warm clothes and blankets, flashlights, shovel, hammer, a first aid kit and the like .

Tips and comments

Before installing, make sure you have properly planned and researched. Read reviews of different brands and try to buy the one which is most convenient for your taste as well as your budget. Several car kits are for specific models and use, so do your homework or you might end up with a useless kit. It is wise to have an assistant resent and all the basic tools ready while installation of car kits. Do not make a mistake of overdoing it. Most people concentrate on just improvements of looks and forget that it might affect the functions of a vehicle negatively. There is a misconception that the car kits are very expensive but this simply not the case as they are available in all sorts of reasonable prices. Install a kit and drive away to show off the new sleek look of your car.

By Sultan Khan, published at 04/04/2012
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