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What Can You Do When You Are Hit By Car?


While automobile accidents are now a common occurring, they often have a big impact on your daily life if you are involved in one. Getting hit by car is traumatizing, both physically and mentally, regardless of severity of the accident. Hit and run accidents are the most typical ones. They are caused by negligent drivers who hit a person, an animal or another car and then flee from the scene without trying to assist or repair the damages they have caused. A single vehicle accident is the one in which a person loses control of the car and crashes into a tree or something. In multi-vehicle accident, two cars are involved. These traffic collisions result in multiple injuries, vehicle damage and even deaths. Millions of cases are reported yearly to police stations and insurance companies and sometimes the parties involved in the accidents settle the case among themselves.


The first person ever to be in an automobile accident was Mary Ward. On August 1869, she and her husband was riding a steam powered engine when Ward got thrown off the vehicle and got run over by it. She died on the spot as a result of a broken neck. Unlike before, the accidents and collisions are far more common now. A 2008 report by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration disclosed that 37, 261 people died in traffic accidents. They usually take place due to the carelessness of the drivers or pedestrians. Simple precautions and safety measures along with common sense are enough to drive a car safely or to prevent getting hit by car.


If you or your loved ones ever have a misfortune of getting hit by car, the first thing you should do is to check for injuries. Immediately call for medical assistance if you suspect a fatal blow to head or if there is ongoing or excessive blood loss from any part of the body. Mostly, the victim is in shock due to trauma and must be taken to the hospital for apt treatment. If the driver of the car that hit you has fled, try to gather evidence from the witnesses. Do not make a hurried judgement that the person was guilty because he or she ran away as this is not always the case. If they are present, try to be calm and exchange all the imperative information like names, addresses, phone numbers along with license and insurance information. Report the accident to the police and try to tell them the details of the event accordingly. You might want to make a claim and for this you need to contact your insurance company and attorney. Most often, the victims hit by car prefer free repair of their damaged vehicle or meeting the cost of the medical fees. This method also saves from all the fuss that occurs during claiming procedures like policies and fees. Be sure not to make any decisions in haste and think thoroughly about the details and consequences.

Tips and comments

Being hit by car can easily be prevented in most circumstances. For drivers, it is of utter importance that they never drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Following the speed limits and traffic rules are another necessary steps. Furthermore it will be easy to stop the car if you are going on a normal speed in order to avoid an accident. Drive cautiously as you cannot control the actions of other reckless drivers on the road. Pedestrians also need to take a few road safety measurements to avoid being hit by car. Do not use your mobile phones, text or listen to music while crossing the road. They cause distractions, thus leading to the accident.

By Sultan Khan, published at 04/04/2012
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