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Farm utility vehicles are best known for hauling, transportation and pulling. These beefed-up vehicles can make for quicker drive to the barn or longer drives elsewhere qualifying as the ultimate farm car. A standard farm car should be faster than walking and for most farmers they offer greater comfort than riding on horses.

One can always use lightweight or heavy duty unit depending on their needs of a farm car. Most of the farm car versions come with work attachments that make then quite ideal for more duties than mere transportation vehicles. The farm car can also supplement some of the duties that are performed by the tractor thus making this contraption quite handy in the farm.

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Most of the present versions of the all-terrain cars adapted for farms have their traces in Japan. The farm car was developed by the Japanese as a bad weather utility vehicle which could take the farm wares to the market under unfriendly circumstances for any other vehicle.

In the 70s the farm car was introduced to the US as single rider or recreational vehicle. Most people still use them for fun but the all-terrain rugged vehicle has become a common feature in most farms and ranches across the world as a workhorse hauling people, harvest and equipment in the farms.

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The ideal farm car must be comfortable enough for the rider or passenger to use it for extended time span as required in their duties. They must also be spacious enough to enable the farmer to carry equipment as well as transport farm hands wherever they are required. All the farm utility vehicles are designed to be all-weather four wheel driver vehicles capable of handling very rough terrain but also easy to maneuver around the farm.

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Rancher, Recon Models-Honda

These two models are made by the Honda Company and are renowned to be quite stable on rugged terrain. They feature electric starting and power steering with independent rear suspension. Each of these make for the ideal farm car depending on the needs of the farm terrain where they are required.

Kawasaki 650 and 750

These versions of the Brute Force line and Prairie 360 from Kawasaki make for good all-terrain vehicles for the farms. Any of the units can be used as farm car to accomplish a variety of jobs. They have single cylinder, four stroke engine reliable for all kinds of weather. The Kawasaki 650 and 750 models delivers power and stability enough to do the necessary farm work and is also handy for fun.

Arctic Cat

If you are searching for an all American made farm car then this is it. It’s an all terrain vehicle designed to beat all weather. All units of the Arctic Cat are manufactured in Minnesota where more than 13 models are rolled out for your choice. The company manufacturing the farm utility vehicles in Minnesota has three competition models, three youth units, two utility vehicles and an ATV tandem model.

By Raphael Raphael, published at 04/05/2012
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