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the Best Cape Town Car Dealers


South Africa has many car selling companies trying to create a niche for themselves in the highly competitive automobile industry. Cape Town is one of the major cities in the country with many beautiful destinations for those who are in the South Africa for the first time.

Anyone seeking to buy a vehicle in the city must decide whether they need to buy a new or used car. This will guide them through the many Cape town car dealers since they will have a sense of what they need. Finding a new or used car dealer in Cape Town is not hard though one has to be careful especially if they are not familiar with the automobile industry as there are a few unscrupulous business people who masquerade as genuine car dealers.


One can get some great deals in Cape town from car dealers especially if you have conducted some research in order to find the best rates around. Due to the highly competitive market several companies will have great discounts that buyers can take advantage of and still go home with a good bargain. Searching for great car deals can be conducted over the internet as well as through the dailies which contains hundreds of incredible car deals in Cape town.

The following are some of the best Cape town car dealers that offer clients top rated services:


The company is based in Cape town and represents one of the greatest independent car dealers in the country. They specialize in Opel, Chevrolet and Isuzu vehicles; the company sells both new and used cars so buyers are bound to get great deals from this car seller.


This is one of the companies in Cape town with a massive collection of second hand cars that anyone car come up with in the country. All that buyers need to do is specify the car model, maximum price and year of release and the company will produce the car from their vast collection.

The company is also popular for special category of the latest listings. The listings are from both private and dealers. They recently added a new feature where buyers can specify a particular vehicle they are looking for and as long as it is available in the country trust Automart to have it.

Burchmore’s Cape

The company has owns two division; one for cars on auction and another for second hand vehicles which are often sold at whole sale rates. This Cape town car seller provides all the necessary details for every listed car while the auction side has dates and complete list of an auction.


This is one of the Cape town car dealers selling good second hand vehicles. Since the company understands that the automobile industry in South Africa is highly competitive with so many car dealers that buyers get overwhelmed they make the process easier by offering only approved quality used cars. They also have a special category of Demo cars which is quite a nice option for buyers.

By Raphael Raphael, published at 04/06/2012
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the Best Cape Town Car Dealers. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.